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We can provide you with all 12 months of rent days after the lease is signed

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Upfront Rent - Guarantee

Highest rated and most reviewed PM

Live Property Performance Dashboard

The Realty Medics Guarantee

We are very proud to be the highest rated and most reviewed Property Management company in Central Florida. We guarantee results and have the lowest rates to support our results-driven philosophy.

12 Month Tenant Guarantee

If a tenant is removed in first 12 months, we find you a new tenant free of charge.

14 Day Rental Guarantee

If we don’t rent your home in 14 days you get one month FREE management.

90 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you, the Owner, is unhappy for any reason, we will refund your management fees.

Pet Damage Guarantee

If a pet causes any damage to the property, The Realty Medics will cover this damage above the security deposit up to $1000.*

* Full details in Rental agreement

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Upfront Rent - 12 Months of Rent on Day 1

When you hire The Realty Medics to manage your property, we can pay you an entire year’s worth of rent immediately.

That means within a few weeks of signing on with The Realty Medics, you could have 10 to 30 thousand dollars in your pocket!

Property Performance Dashboard

Real Time Financial information and property management status.  Make smart decisions based on actual financial results.  Live data on your property from how many showings to status of Work Orders and  Inspections and more!

Highest Rated and Most Reviewed

We are very proud to be the highest-rated and most reviewed Property Management company in Central Florida. We guarantee results and have the lowest rates to support our results-driven philosophy.

Free Rental Price Analysis Report

Maximize your Rental Home's Full Potential

What your Get in Your 6 Page Report:

  1. Rental Price Estimate
  2. Other Comparable For-Rent Properties
  3. Local Rental Trends by Zip Code

The Realty Medics Pricing

We offer three different fee structures. The process is identical on our end, but since everyone is in a different financial situation, we feel you should have some choices.


Monthly Management

75% Tenant Placement


Monthly Management

50% Tenant Placement


Monthly Management

40% Tenant Placement

All management plans include the same services:

  • Ability to participate in Upfront Rent Program 
  • 12 Months Tenant Guarantee
  • Professional Move In/Move Out Inspections
  • Attorney Approved Lease
  • Tenant Screening and Showings
  • Pet Screening 
  • Full Legal Compliance
  • Monthly Cashflow and Accounting Statements
  • Property Maintenance Coordination
  • Online Client and Tenant Portals
  • Online Rent Collection

Additional Services that can be added to any plan

  • Eviction protection
  • Rent Loss protection
  • Property Damage Protection

What to Expect

Our role is to engineer the best possible experience for our owners. From day one, our tasks include advertising your property, screening tenants, negotiating leases, collecting rent, scheduling maintenance for your property, keeping accurate records and providing regular reports and communication.

Low vacancy rate

At Realty Medics, we keep an extremely low vacancy rate - 12 day average year round and less than 9 during the summer months.

The best tenants

We know everything to find the best tenants. Our tenant screenings include: credit check, nationwide criminal background check, nationwide eviction history check, employment/income verification, residence/rental history verification and much more! We also have the experience of leasing more than 6000 homes!!

Property Performance Dashboard

Live Real Time informance on the performance of your property including: 

  • Number of showings/applications
  • Work Order status
  • Late Payments
  • Inspection Reports
  • Equity and ROI
  • Much more!

What Owners Are Saying

What is “Rocket Science Renting”?

Engineered simplicity meets high expectations.

From managing your property to keeping you in the loop, we make sure that everything runs smoothly. We use advanced technology and a former NASA engineer's expertise - present owner of Realty Medics Ben Sencenbaugh, personally purchased, rehabbed and currently managed over 75 personal single-family homes, to help you get more out of your investment.

Our “rocket science” to deliver max value and ROI for everyday landlords

Be Pioneers


Create Wow

Win Together

Be Solutionists

Stay Positive

Stay Ahead




“My leasing experience has been smooth and easy with The Realty Medics team. I am pleased that I chose them to help me find a place to live. They were there to answer all of my questions, guided me throughout the entire process and really helped with an effortless transition into my new home! I HIGHLY recommend using Realty Medics for anyone!”


“I’ve always had trouble finding the perfect place for me. Whether it be location, appearance, privacy or anything else that typically may make someone wary of settling into another financial commitment. Not only was Riley patient and attentive to my needs, but she actually found the perfect place for me! I’m beyond thankful for her help and overall kindness.”


“LOVED working with TRM! Jessica was quick and helpful to finish the application and move me into my new place within the week! The Realty Medics are AWESOME!”


Eviction Protection

Loss of rent

Property Damage

Covers the expense of almost all evictions, saving you over $800!

We will pay up to 30 days of lost rent!

We will cover up to $2,500 of tenant caused damages!

Areas We Serve in Florida

We’re happy to serve many of the surrounding areas here in Central Florida. Below are the current cities and locations that we operate in. If you don’t see your area listed, don’t hesitate to reach out to us and we’ll see if we can work together.

We manage many more areas that just the above.  From west coast to east coast, as far north as Jacksonville and as far south as Lake Placid.  Just ask us!  We are growing quickly!

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