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Investment Property Rehab Services

The Realty Medics – Maintenance would like the opportunity to provide you with a quote to rehab/repair your property.  We provide repair services for all areas of your home! Our  licensed and insured General Contractors, Electricians, Plumbers, Air-Conditioning Technicians, and Handymen work exclusively for The Realty Medics!  We will stand behind all of our work with a warranty.  Typically, your home rehab can be completed in less than 3 weeks.  

We provide pre-purchase Estimates! Know before you buy!

We can accompany your home inspector and provide you with an estimate of the repairs needed to rent the property.  This can be done for a low $200 fee, that will be credited back to you, in the event you use our services.  Many of our investors have used this service and we have numerous references available upon request!


  • Detailed Estimate
  • 1-year warranty
  • Less than 3 weeks to complete the job
  • Competitive pricing
  • We will advertise and market your home so it can be leased when complete

Our Services:

We are experts in investment property repairs, and understand what will bring the most rental income for the lowest repair price.  We will provide an estimate for the minimum repairs needed to rent the home as well as list of repairs that are recommended.  Every home is different depending on the neighborhood and the desired rental range.  The Realty Medics can help with both and assist you in receiving the maximum return on your investment!

We will tailor your estimate to your investment needs. If you are unsure what your investment strategy is, or should be, please contact our office and schedule a consultation.

*We also provide estimates for smaller jobs as well.

Highest Monthly Rents: In order to achieve the highest rental income and secure the top quality tenants, we have found that the property must be repaired to the neighborhood standards. There is a difference between renting a home and an Owner living in a home.  There are certain repairs and preferences that you, as an Owner, might desire, yet may not translate into an increase in rent.  We can help you with this decision.

Our “Complete Estimate” includes the items on your inspection report that require repair AND any recommended repairs we find while walking the property. The “Required Repairs Estimate” will provide the minimum repairs required to rent the property for the current year. (future repairs, longer vacancies, and lower monthly rent could be possible.)

Cleaning: Our cleaning service is a thorough cleaning that can be modified by the level of service needed. Our customized cleaning includes, windows, appliances, window sills,



Buyer Purchase after Tenant Moved Out

Rehab Example




Purchased and rehabbed for $135,000
Current rent: $1400
Taxes: $200 month
Insurance: $90 monthly
HOA: $20 monthly
Management fee: $112 monthly
NET rental income: $978 ($11,736 annually)
8.7% ROI before tax advantages