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My experience with Realty Medics is good. They handle the property in an orderly fashion. It would be recommended though to customers to make sure that Realty medics is also in contact with HOA, since my experience shows that if that is not the case then Realty Medics is not pursuing that on their own.

Idan A.

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With close to 900 properties managed totaling over $130,000,000 covering 8 countries, we have the Central Florida market covered.

We are a full-service brokerage, knowledgeable in investment sales to help with as much or as little as you need.

From finding an investment property that meets your cash flow needs, to getting the home rent-ready, to managing the property and collecting rent, we are able to make the process of owning an investment property a breeze.


The 1st King of Cash Flow featuring King Arthur:

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