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We have been so pleased with the work of Tommy and his crew at “The Realty Medics”.      We are out of state owners, so having a top notch team is CRITICAL for us.
The maintenance manager is always very well informed and sensitive to our requests.   The accounting teams keeps detailed records of all the work that they do, and communicate clearly through their monthly and year end invoices.
It is refreshing to know that if I need to pick up the phone and call in, that there is always a friendly and helpful person on the other end.
Tommy knows the rental market very well.  We have never had a dispute with a tenant, which speaks volumes to the ability for Tommy and his team to find a good match for our homes.
I would not hesitate to recommend “The Realty Medics” to anyone who is looking for property management.  They have earned my trust time and time again.

Alan P.

Find/Sell an Investment Property

With close to 900 properties managed totaling over $130,000,000 covering 8 countries, we have the Central Florida market covered.

We are a full-service brokerage, knowledgeable in investment sales to help with as much or as little as you need.

From finding an investment property that meets your cash flow needs, to getting the home rent-ready, to managing the property and collecting rent, we are able to make the process of owning an investment property a breeze.


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