Experience Orlando in the Clouds

Orlando, Florida is one of the BEST tourist spots in the world. And if you’ve been here already, it’ll be an amazing time to have a new perspective of the city. Contact Orlando Balloon Rides for the unique experience of being up in the air and having a bird’s eye view perspective of Orlando. If possible, you’ll want to book the Sunrise hot-air balloon ride.

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Orlando, Florida

Enjoy the theme parks and countryside forests and groves in a completely new way as the balloon will glide you into the sky. What’s even more special about the experience is you’ll be sipping champagne and eating healthy snacks after landing. The top-down view at seminal Orlando attractions will definitely highlight of your tour.  

Orlando Balloon Rides’ reviews boast many high-rated services that will make a difference in your service:  “excellent email communication” and “their staff is welcoming and friendly.” To experience Florida away from the theme parks and the city’s hustle and bustle is a special bonus if you can schedule it. And if it is already on your bucket list, there’s no need to think twice so just do it!

Don’t worry if you’re afraid of heights because the staff is cheerful and good-humored turning it all around into a fun time, and they will answer any and all of your questions. It will be a smooth and peaceful adventure, and there’s nothing to fear. The rise and land of the balloon will be so much fun.

Bob’s Balloons is another company to check out for an Orlando hot-air balloon experience. They’ll customize your flight, flying over Osceola, Orange, and Lake and Polk Counties. It’s a fine way to celebrate an occasion, engagement, anniversary, or a birthday. Drift across treetops and have an amusing panoramic perspective of the skylines, wildlife, and lakes of Central Florida.

There are more than a hundred standard landing and takeoff sites in Central Florida. Bob’s Balloons can take off wherever you desire. Under favorable circumstances, they can even fly from your home. Just take note that the time of flight and wind direction will determine the precise location of the landing and take off. Bob’s Balloons accept private events, too. A custom flight can be arranged if you have an upcoming event in your parking lot or backyard. For your business, they can fly an advertising banner as well.

Other Things to Know: Their pilots are FAA licensed and they have more than 20 years of hot air ballooning experience and they’ve never been in accidents. There’s a discounted price for children. Tethered flights can be availed for private and corporate events.

Book a one of a kind, Orlando Hot-Air Balloon experience and check off that bucket list.

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