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Multi-Family Property Management

5 unit to on-site property with the lowest rates in our market

Multi-Family Service

Why is The Realty Medics the top-rated property manager in Central Florida?  Our management team has a wide range of experience and operational knowledge in property management and the various nuances the multifamily units require.  Our fully integrated model allows for the most efficient process in the industry.   We manage multifamily units using not only state-of-the-art technology, but we’ve also developed our own proprietary software to guide each step in the process.   One of the many great attributes of our proprietary software had been the reduction in vacancy rate.   Our investors net a higher cash-flow from this reduction in vacancy period.


The Realty Medics works diligently to get your property on the market as soon as possible.   To do this, we’ve created a rehab division that can provide you with a comprehensive repair estimate accounting for any legal requirements and recommended items in order to get your property in rent-ready condition.   We’ve rehabbed close to 500 properties in the past eight years and know what it takes to prepare the property at an affordable cost.


Our detailed marketing approach is indicative of the management style we’ve implemented at The Realty Medics.  Our aggressive marketing and advertising campaigns are designed to minimize any vacancy period as well as procure the highest caliber tenants on the market.   We’ve embedded an efficient software package in our website that allows the prospective tenant to set up a showing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  We also list your property on all reputable sites on the market, generate a professional walk-through tour video of your property, and place signage at the property to capture drive-by traffic.   Our company wide focus is to care for your property the same way you would.   To do this, we’ve streamlined the management process to be as efficient and effective at what we do on our end, so you can reap the benefits on your end.

Maintenance & Repairs


During the purchase phase, it’s critical to have a pre-purchase inspection completed on the property.   It’s always best to know if your target property is a wise investment during the inspection window, so you can cancel the contract if necessary before getting locked into a 30-year financial obligation.   We use Orlando Home Inspector and can conduct the inspection on your behalf.  In addition, we’ll generate a detailed rehab repair estimate so you can make a calculated decision on the costs involved.   Most properties can be fully rehabbed within 3 weeks and you will be assigned a project manager to work closely with you throughout the process.


Due to the tremendous range of maintenance request we receive, our maintenance team is fully equipped to handle each and every repair necessary.   All of our vendors are licensed, bonded, and insurance, and the repairs will come with a full warranty on the work.   We will always reach out to you in advance to get your prior authorization, before ever sending a vendor to perform service at your property.

Tenants must submit their maintenance requests through their own personal online tenant portal.   We require them to do so as part of documenting all requests and to ensure we have a paper trail.   In case of emergency, all of our emergency vendors can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including weekends and holidays.    All of our vendors are trained to advise us if it can be determined that any repairs were caused by tenant negligence, to prevent our owners from paying for unnecessary repairs.

Tenant Screening

We conduct a very thorough and comprehensive nationwide vetting process that allows The Realty Medics to keep an extremely low vacancy and eviction rate.   It takes roughly 26 days on average in the calendar year to procure a high-caliber tenant, and as little as 1-2 weeks during the summer months.   Our tenant screenings include credit, criminal, eviction, rental history, income/job verification, sex offender lists, and much more.

A proper screening process is one of the most important aspects of successful property management.   Application processing is done by the dedicated leasing team.  In general, we look at an applicant’s past behavior and evaluate with their future behavior will be the same.  An applicant must demonstrate a history of being a responsible tenant or homeowner, as well as meeting credit standards. We take great pride in placing the best possible tenants for our owners.

We present all qualified applicant information to our Owner’s and they have the final approval to sign the lease.

RENTAL HISTORY – We attempt to speak to each tenant’s past landlords and ask detailed, open-ended questions about the applicant’s past performance.

CREDIT REPORT – We have access to all 3 credit reporting agencies and we are a participating member with the RentBureau. The Realty Medics obtain a credit report, which tells us the applicant’s current and past performance toward meeting their financial obligations. It also tells us their monthly debt, credit score, and shows their previous addresses.  An applicant must meet our internal established credit standards in order to proceed with the application.

CRIMINAL BACKGROUND CHECK – Each applicant has a criminal and sexual offender background check.

EVICTIONS BACKGROUND CHECK – We run an eviction check on each applicant.  If they have not paid a previous landlord, there is a higher risk they won’t pay their next landlord.  We are also a reporting contributor to Experian RentBureau, which allow us to report the tenant’s rental history and check previous history.

EMPLOYMENT/INCOME – An applicant needs to earn at least 3 times the monthly rent in gross income to qualify for rental and we will want to see a copy of their pay stub.

PETS – We permit animals/pets into managed properties as long as you allow us to do so, however, at least 60% of renters have pets. When we make the decision to accept an applicant with pets, we minimize your risk by limiting the breed, age, number and size of the pets. We also use a special pet addendum for your protection. We ensure the pets are not of the hazardous breed types, those that are restricted by most home insurance companies.

Accounting & Reporting

As your asset manager, it is our job to ensure your bottom line is protected. The Realty Medics offers our owners a full accounting online portfolio of their investments. This innovative property management software system allows owners to log in to their “portals” and view their accounts (think of online banking for the property management account!). The information contained in your portal will ensure that you, the owner, have complete visibility into, and control over the financial performance of your property.

We offer cash flow statement and per property income reports and more. Just let us know your requirements and we will generate the reports you need!

Rental Income

Tenants may pay rent via credit/debit card, US postal mail, their local 7 Eleven, via online account or by walking into the office (rent is due on the 1st of each month and late after 5pm on the 1st). Owners may receive funds by US postal mail or via ACH direct deposit. Owner funds are dispersed on the 10th and the 20th of each month. USA Owners receive an IRS Schedule E 1099 form and International Owners receive an IRS 1042S form at the end of each year for tax preparation.

One of the best features of our accounting software system is it allows us to direct deposit money into owners bank accounts! No more waiting to receive checks, then waiting for checks to clear at the bank – we can automatically deposit funds into selected accounts and online Owner statements are always available for their review!

Lease-Only Services

We provide a number of different services all with a personal touch, we go the extra mile to ensure you home is not only rented quickly, but take the necessary steps to ensure it is rented correctly with your best interests in mind.

  • Provide a Rental Market Analysis of your property
  • Provide you with a professional 3rd party inspection report to document move in condition
  • Consult with you to ensure your property is “Rent Ready”
  • We can assist in repairing your home, in needed
  • We aggressively market your property on multiple websites, including The Realty Medics Company website, MLS, Zillow, Hot Pads, Trulia and many more.
  • We run credit, criminal, and background checks on potential tenants
  • We present the tenants to you for approval and then sign the lease
  • We collect all monies in certified funds prior to giving the tenant possession

Free Rental Anaylsis Report

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Our Guarantees!


For the last 8 years, The Realty Medics have been one of the best full-service property management companies in Orlando and throughout Central Florida.

Please complete the below form and we will be in contact with you within 24 hours or your first month is free!  (During business hours, Mon – Fri 9am to 5pm EST, we try to respond immediately.)  

For immediate assistance call: (321) 236-6690


We drive results and have the lowest rates to support our results-driven philosophy. Our vacancy rate is extremely low due to our market expertise and personalized service to every rental prospect. Furthermore, because we are Realtors, too, we advertise in the local MLS, reaching thousands of Realtors, as well as numerous rental advertising outlets.

We are open from 9am to 7pm 6 days per week (7 days starting in January) and will always be available to answer your questions or your Tenants questions. We have also provided a list of common owner questions for your convenience.

We commit that we will work hard to find you a well qualified tenant, and we offer a couple of management fee options to fit your needs. We serve many locations throughout the Central Florida area, below are all of the areas we serve and manage properties in:

Does great managing of my property in Orlando. I live in San Diego, so you have to trust the company, and Tommy, Tiffany and all the people at The Realty Medics give me peace of mind. They take care of everything, including my Landscape and pool. You won’t go wrong with The Realty Medics.

- John H.