5 Common Rental Property Tenant Issues & The Realty Medics’ Solutions

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5 Common Rental Property Tenant Issues & The Realty Medics’ Solutions

Five Common Orlando Tenant Issues We’ve Seen & How We Resolve Them for You While renting property is generally a straight-forward business transaction, there are times where a tenant just doesn’t seem to be working out. As a property owner, you likely are not interested in dealing with negative situations that arise with problem tenants… ...
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Watch Out for These 7 Traps of Florida Property Management

We’re guessing you’ve heard that old adage: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. That holds just as true for property management as it does for other businesses. Oddly, not unlike dating, you’ve got to watch out for the smooth operator who’s all talk but no substance. Consider this a public ...
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First Time Homeowners – When is the Right Time to Buy?

Buying a house is no doubt one of the biggest purchases you will make in your life. Even if you’ve saved, calculated, and researched, the process of buying a house is still very stressful and is something that will affect your everyday life for the long haul. The first thing you will want to consider ...