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Casselberry Property Management

Are you searching for a property management company in Casselberry? The realty medics would love to speak with you.

Casselberry is a small region just north of Orlando, which is one of the largest cities in Florida. According to a 2010 census, the population of Casselberry was just over 25,000 people, making this a relatively small city by itself. However, the Orlando-Kissimme-Sanford Metropolitan Area is very large, and makes up a significant portion of the Greater Orlando population, with over 2 million residents as of the 2013 census. The local size of Casselberry creates a small town feel, and very reasonable real estate prices, but still gives its residents the option of a big city when they need it.

Casselberry — What we offer

If you’re looking into the Casselberry real estate market, The Realty Medics would be happy to speak with you about your property. We have a wide variety of property management services that can help you with your real estate, and our solutions are tailored to your individual situation, whether you are an investor, homeowner, or landlord. We let our quality of work and reputation speak for themselves.

We provide a large portfolio of single family homes, condos, townhouses, and apartments, with options for anyone in the Casselberry or Central Florida area. With over 800 properties managed, let us be your choice for a reliable, established Casselberry property management company.

The Benefits of Using the Realty Medics

In addition to our expertise within the Casselberry area, The Realty Medics will also provide:

  • A low 8% management fee
  • Maintenance/Repair estimates (free) and service available before renting
  • A dedicated account manager for each owner and property
  • An Online Owner portal access and direct deposits
  • Industry leading marketing tools on 100’s of websites and use of the MLS
  • 24/7 in house emergency maintenance request handling
  • Full inspection performed with accompanying report Inspection Report Example
  • Fast unit turns with our in-house maintenance staff
  • 2 Licensed Florida Home Inspectors on staff
We take pride in taking care of your properties with respect and care. Learn about everything we offer and let us show you how committed we are about managing your property.

We also boast very a very low vacancy rate, and our average vacancy period is less than 26 days. This is one of the fastest turn around rates in Orlando — it’s no wonder more than 75% of our tenants renew after the first year!

You can learn more about us and our property management experience here, or read our in-depth guide on Casselberry below.

Overview of Casselberry

Casselberry has over 30 lakes and ponds, and is a relatively flat area, known for its wide-open spaces. It was officially settled in the 1800’s, but before that belonged to Native Americans that resided on the land that currently makes up downtown Casselberry. The first subdivision was created in the late 1800’s.

The income for Casselberry is just about average for the outlying Orlando area, with most households reporting an income of just over $44,000. While the area is known as a rural location to most Orlando residents, it’s very close to many major areas, like Altamonte Springs and Longwood, and is just a short drive away from the University of Central Florida, one of the nation’s largest universities.

In-depth on Casselberry

The culture

One of the most interesting aspects of Casselberry is the city’s history, and many residents are proud to honor the traditions and society that created their culture. Since the population is relatively small, there’s plenty of room to grow, and most homeowners seem to enjoy the ample amounts of space they have. You’ll often find farmhouses and long stretches of road around the area, which can be surprising, since downtown Casselberry is just a quick drive away from the center of downtown Orlando.

The landscape

Much like Lakeland, another popular area that The Realty Medics specialize in, Casselberry has plenty of lakes, which work their way into the lifestyles of residents and visitors from the surrounding area. For instance, you can often find families and homeowners out on the lake together on weekends, boating, water skiing, fishing, and enjoying their time together. However, with over 30 lakes in the immediate Casselberry area, including large bodies of water like Lake Howell and Lake Concord, there’s plenty of space for everyone to enjoy their leisurely time.


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