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Daytona Beach Property Management

Are you interested in a property management company for Daytona Beach, Florida? The Realty Medics are ready to help.

Daytona Beach is a vibrant city in Volusia County on Central Florida’s east coast. It’s 51 miles northeast of Orlando and 242 miles up the coast from Miami. This wonderful place, known as the “World’s Most Famous Beach”, is home to over 65,000 people who enjoy a central location with perfect weather. Daytona Beach is also famous for being the king of speed—it’s home to NASCAR and the Daytona 500.

Daytona Beach — What we offer

If you’d like to transition into the Daytona Beach real estate market, we’d love to speak with you about your goals, and provide an honest insight into your property. We offer a wide range of property management services tailored to your specific needs as an investor, landlord, or homeowner. We pride ourselves on our work ethic, and let our positive reputation and reviews speak for themselves.

Our portfolio of homes, condos, apartments, and townhouses has something for every potential resident, and we can provide options and insight for anyone in the Daytona Beach or Central Florida area. With over 800 properties managed, let us be your choice for a reliable, established Daytona Beach property management company.

The Benefits of Using The Realty Medics

In addition to our local knowledge and expertise in the Daytona Beach area, we also provide:

  • A low 8% management fee
  • Maintenance/Repair estimates (free) and service available before renting
  • A dedicated account manager for each owner and property
  • An Online Owner portal access and direct deposits
  • Industry leading marketing tools on 100’s of websites and use of the MLS
  • 24/7 in house emergency maintenance request handling
  • Full inspection performed with accompanying report Inspection Report Example
  • Fast unit turns with our in-house maintenance staff
  • 2 Licensed Florida Home Inspectors on staff
We take pride in taking care of your properties with respect and care. Learn about everything we offer and let us show you how committed we are about managing your property.

We also boast very a very low vacancy rate, and our average vacancy period is less than 26 days. This is one of the fastest turn around rates in Central Florida— it’s no wonder more than 75% of our tenants renew after the first year!

You can learn more about us and our property management experience here, or read our in-depth guide on Daytona Beach below.

Overview of Daytona Beach

Daytona Beach is the ideal location for people wanting to enjoy Florida’s gorgeous Atlantic coast scenery and temperate weather. It’s a medium-sized city with every amenity at your disposal. Being central, large attractions like Disney World are a short drive away. Yet, Daytona Beach is removed enough to avoid the crowds and congestion that major Florida cities endure.

Tourism is Daytona Beach’s number one industry. Over 8 million tourists visit the region yearly and it’s becoming increasingly popular with young and old. Part of that is for speed week and spring break but many are snowbirds escaping cold northern climates for winter vacations.

Manufacturing and transportation are two other leading economic drivers. Daytona Beach International Airport hosts an enterprise zone within a foreign trade framework making commerce attractive and keeping unemployment rates low. Interstates 4 and 95 intersect at Daytona Beach making it a transportation hub in the region. Housing is very affordable and education opportunities are endless.

In-Depth on Daytona Beach

The Location

Daytona Beach is centrally located on the Florida panhandle. Although Daytona Beach itself has a population of only 65,000, the metro area around it in Volusia County holds over 600,000. That’s because Daytona Beach’s oceanfront location is a prime destination. It has some of the best hard sand beaches you’ll find anywhere. Downtown Daytona Beach is set back a bit from its public beach front. Swimmers and sunbathers are protected from the open ocean by a chain of small islands giving it ideal beach conditions.

The Weather

Summer temperatures at Daytona Beach commonly soar to the high 90’s but slight relief comes in the late afternoon when offshore breezes bring cooler air. Often, that’s accompanied by quick but heavy showers. Summertime nights fall to the low 70’s but the humidity makes it seem much warmer.

Winters are typical for Central Florida. Snow is unheard of and frosts are extremely rare. So are long periods of cloud and rain. Hurricane season in late summer is always a threat, but Daytona Beach’s latitude is far enough north to escape most severe windstorms.

More Details on Daytona Beach

Daytona Beach is experiencing record-breaking growth. The population has increased by 3% yearly over the past five years. That’s due to highly affordable housing prices and mixed opportunities for singles, families and retirees. The Daytona Beach area is home to six colleges and universities, world-class medical facilities and a highly active transportation sector. The area is also a popular location for the film industry

Median housing prices in Daytona Beach average $132,000, which is about $76,000 less than the national average. That’s changing, though, as the appreciation rate has climbed 32% over three years. Rental vacancy rates are moderate with monthly rental fees being nicely affordable.

Daytona Beach has an interesting history. It was discovered by the Spanish Explorer Ponce de Leon who was searching for the fountain of youth. Instead, he found the now-popular DeLeon Springs just west of downtown Daytona Beach. He also saw what many people come looking for at Daytona Beach—manatees swimming in the rivers and migrating whales close to shore.

Several other bits of Daytona Beach trivia include it being home to the Lady’s Professional Golf Association (LPGA) as well as NASCAR’s headquarters. It has the tallest lighthouse on the Atlantic coast which signals hordes of pleasure and commercial vessels. Shopping, dining and entertainment opportunities are endless. Combined, they make Daytona Beach a highly desirable place to live.


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