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DeLand Property Management

Are you interested in a property management company for DeLand, Florida? The Realty Medics will be happy to assist you.

DeLand is the seat city in Volusia County, Florida. It sits halfway between Orlando and Daytona Beach with about 30 miles separating between each city. DeLand’s population is approximately 31,500. It’s slowly expanding with steady, continuous growth. The age range in DeLand balances well between young and old with an average age of 38. The city is well inland from the east coast making DeLand the perfect climate for citrus groves.

DeLand — What we offer

If you’d like to transition into the DeLand real estate market, we’d love to speak with you about your goals, and provide an honest insight into your property. We offer a wide range of property management services tailored to your specific needs as an investor, landlord, or homeowner. We pride ourselves on our work ethic, and let our positive reputation and reviews speak for themselves.

Our portfolio of homes, condos, apartments, and townhouses has something for every potential resident, and we can provide options and insight for anyone in the DeLand or Orlando area. With over 800 properties managed, let us be your choice for a reliable, established DeLand property management company.

The Benefits of Using The Realty Medics

In addition to our local knowledge and expertise in the DeLand area, we also provide:

  • A low 8% management fee
  • Maintenance/Repair estimates (free) and service available before renting
  • A dedicated account manager for each owner and property
  • An Online Owner portal access and direct deposits
  • Industry leading marketing tools on 100’s of websites and use of the MLS
  • 24/7 in house emergency maintenance request handling
  • Full inspection performed with accompanying report Inspection Report Example
  • Fast unit turns with our in-house maintenance staff
  • 2 Licensed Florida Home Inspectors on staff

We take pride in taking care of your properties with respect and care. Learn about everything we offer and let us show you how committed we are about managing your property.

We also boast very a very low vacancy rate, and our average vacancy period is less than 26 days. This is one of the fastest turn around rates in Central Florida— it’s no wonder more than 75% of our tenants renew after the first year!

You can learn more about us and our property management experience here, or read our in-depth guide on DeLand below.

Overview of DeLand

DeLand was founded in 1876 by New York entrepreneur, Henry Addison DeLand. He named his new city after himself. Henry DeLand envisioned a mecca for citrus agriculture and tourism. He hired workers to clear the land, construct streets and build houses. In 1887, the city of DeLand was named the seat of Volusia County. That same year, DeLand became the first city in Florida to have electricity.

Henry DeLand also founded the first college in Central Florida. After a disastrous freeze in 1885 that wiped out the entire citrus crop and threw the economy into a tailspin, DeLand entrusted his investments with John B. Stetson, the wealthy Philadelphia hat maker. DeLand went back to New England and his academy became the now-famed Stetson University.

During the Florida land boom in the 1920s, DeLand’s streets were filled with magnificent stucco Mediterranean Revival architectural homes guarded by lines of majestic trees. These homes are now restored and are a major attraction for DeLand tourism which makes up a solid part of the city’s economy.

In-Depth on DeLand

The Location

The city of DeLand is a four hour drive north of Miami and a half-hour east of Orlando. The famous Daytona Beach is 30 minutes west on the Atlantic coast with DeLand situated at an inland hollow in Central Florida. It’s known as Persimmon Hollow for the wild persimmon trees that grow around the DeLeon natural mineral springs, part of the nearby Lake Woodruff National Wildlife Refuge.

The Weather

Because DeLand is inland from both the Atlantic and Gulf coasts, it has a slightly different weather pattern than the seaside cities. DeLand’s summers are hot and fairly dry making it the perfect climate for citrus trees.

It also doesn’t experience oppressive humidity or cooling offshore breezes. Winters are cooler but the temperature rarely drops below 45. DeLand can get windy. In February of 2007 DeLand and the surrounding area suffered a major tornado outbreak.

More Details on DeLand

DeLand has a wide range of real estate opportunities, and prices greatly vary between regions within the city. Less desirable areas report average home prices of $190,000 while upscale neighborhoods are well beyond that. On average, a home in the city of DeLand will cost around $245,000 making it more expensive than Daytona Beach but considerably less than Orlando.

DeLand is known as the “skydiving capital of the world”. The popular daredevil industry employs over 500 people in DeLand, making skydiving a major economic contributor. Surrounding orchards support a thriving agriculture industry and the university supports a considerable staff and a host of students. Shopping, eating and entertaining establishments also support DeLand’s financial stability.

The Athens Theater is a major attraction in DeLand. Also known as “Athens of America”, this Greek building masterpiece has been carefully restored. Many plays are debuted in DeLand. It’s also the site where a number of movies were filmed. That’s partly due to the impressive historical homes and commercial buildings that make DeLand such an attractive place to work and live.

DeLand also caters to dogs. Each year, thousands flock to DeLand’s “Mardi Gras on Mainstreet Dog Parade” then treat their four-legged, furry friends at the Grrs and Purrs. Or, they let them run free at the Barkley Square dog park. Those who prefer other cultural events can visit DeLand’s African American Museum of Art or just have the best hamburger in the world at the Airport Gin Mill while watching skydivers hit their mark.


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