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Eastwood Property Management

Are you looking for a property management company in Eastwood, Florida? The Realty Medics would love to speak with you.

Sitting a little east of Orlando, Eastwood offers one of Central Florida’s most treasured golf courses, and a community centered on peace, quiet, and small-town values. If you’re in the market for a home in a rural area, but still want to be relatively near a major downtown location, Eastwood may just be the spot for you.

Eastwood Property Management — What We Offer

If you are in the Eastwood real estate market, or are considering a transition into realty, we would love to speak with you and provide sincere, insightful feedback on your property and real estate goals. We offer a wide selection of property management services that are tailored to your role as an investor, landlord, or homeowner. At The Realty Medics, we pride ourselves on our strong work ethic, and let our positive reputation speak for itself.

Our portfolio of single family homes, townhouses, apartments, and condos can provide options for anyone in the Eastwood and Central Florida areas. With over 800 properties currently managed, let us be your choice for an established and reliable Eastwood property management company.

The Benefits of Using The Realty Medics

In addition to our expertise in the Eastwood and Central Florida areas, we also provide:

  • A low 8% management fee
  • Maintenance/Repair estimates (free) and service available before renting
  • A dedicated account manager for each owner and property
  • An Online Owner portal access and direct deposits
  • Industry leading marketing tools on 100’s of websites and use of the MLS
  • 24/7 in house emergency maintenance request handling
  • Full inspection performed with accompanying report Inspection Report Example
  • Fast unit turns with our in-house maintenance staff
  • 2 Licensed Florida Home Inspectors on staff
We take pride in taking care of your properties with respect and care. Learn about everything we offer and let us show you how committed we are about managing your property.

We also boast very a very low vacancy rate, and our average vacancy period is less than 26 days. This is one of the fastest turn around rates in Orlando — it’s no wonder more than 75% of our tenants renew after the first year!

You can learn more about us and our property management experience here, or read our in-depth guide on Eastwood below.

Overview of Eastwood

Eastwood is a residential community that sits almost directly east of Downtown Orlando. The current population is around 6,000, which is much lower than many other Orlando areas near Eastwood, like Oviedo and Winter Springs. However, because the total acreage of the Eastwood area is much smaller, the community actually has a greater population density than Orlando, which means there are more residents per square mile in Eastwood than there are in the Orlando area.

The average income in this area is also much higher than most surrounding communities, with most households bringing in over $68,000, and rent prices are also about $100 more per month when compared to similar Orlando apartments. This has created a higher standard of living than many other locations in Central Florida, and although the population is high, the quality of housing, and the overall community, is very strong. If you are looking for access to one of the area’s most beloved golf courses, and some great housing options, Eastwood is a great place to call home.

In-depth on Eastwood

The golfing

No matter how you slice it, golf is the most popular activity in the city of Eastwood, and for good reason — the golf course here is legendary, and hosts both local and widespread tournaments featuring golfers from around the world. For most residents, this is the biggest draw for Eastwood, and you’ll find plenty of retirees, working parents, and even younger children out on the golf course during the weekend. It’s the perfect place for a family gathering, but is also the spot for many office outings, and even the occasional friendly match between local residents.

The culture

The Eastwood community offers more than just golf — it’s a quiet, peaceful area that enjoys its laid-back style and traditional values, while also preserving a strong quality of life and beautiful scenery. Residents with younger children will find plenty of schooling options, from elementary, middle, and high schools to daily child care facilities. Local shops and restaurants are all over, and the community promotes a lot of resident-owned stores, which means you’ll find plenty of “mom and pop” shops around the quaint downtown center.

Besides the popular bed & breakfast locations that continue cropping up in Eastwood, the area also offers plenty of gyms, healthcare facilities, and other leisure activities, besides golf, that many residents enjoy during the week or weekend with friends and family.

Regardless of whether you enjoy golf, Eastwood offers plenty of value. From scenery, to community, to location and spaciousness, Eastwood is perfect place for homeowners that want to get away from it all, while still being relatively close to the Greater Orlando area.


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The Realty Medics are a very professional, always on top of things and they answer our concerns asap. No unnecessary costs at all (which was the case with the previous agency we used) and they are on top of anything which needs to be taken care of. Living in Europe we need an agency which we can trust completely and that works perfectly with The Realty Medics team ! The only regret we have is that we didn’t start working with them earlier!