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Property Management Maintenance Services

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In the event of an emergency, especially after our office hours (Mon–Fri: 9am – 5pm), please call our Emergency Maintenance line at 407-584-7186. We will get you the help you need in an emergency.

Property Management Maintenance Service:

Due to the wide-ranging requirements for the maintenance of all of our homes, we provide a broad list of maintenance services and we manage each maintenance request. All of our vendors provide warrantied work and are licensed and insured.

Our vendors usually work exclusively for us because of our size.  We are able to reach pricing agreements and we are able to pass these savings onto our Owners.  We will request approval from the Owner before the repair is complete and the Owner is always welcome to use their own vendor or receive another quote.  In our experience our prices are lower and they are warrantied.

Tenants can submit maintenance requests online through Tenant Portal. When a tenant sends in a maintenance request, we send out a vendor for that issue as soon as possible. For emergencies, all of our emergency vendors can be reached 24 hours per day, weekends and holidays included. If the tenant causes the issue, for example a backed up toilet due to a child’s toy, the tenant will be charged for that bill.
Tenant is responsible for the first $35.00 of any repair request made by the tenant. This $35.00 fee does not apply to the structural integrity of the home, the appliances or the A/C system. If ANY necessary repair was caused by the Tenant, the Tenant is responsible for 100% of the repair. Tenant agrees that if a licensed repair company is called for a repair and deems the damage due to Tenant lack of care, Tenant will be responsible for 100% of the repair cost. This information can be found on your lease agreement which the signed prior to moving into the property.