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Ormond Beach Property Management

Are you interested in a property management company for Ormond Beach, Florida? The Realty Medics will are ready to help.

Ormond Beach is a principal city located on the northern edge of the greater Daytona Beach metropolitan area. Its close proximity to Daytona Beach, Orlando and Jacksonville give this city of 43,000 a vibrant feel yet is sufficiently removed to feel relaxed and relatively unhurried. Besides being a commercial and residential center, Ormond Beach is a popular resort site catering to tourists for many decades.

Ormond Beach — What we offer

If you’d like to transition into the Ormond Beach real estate market, we’d love to speak with you about your goals, and provide an honest insight into your property. We offer a wide range of property management services tailored to your specific needs as an investor, landlord, or homeowner. We pride ourselves on our work ethic, and let our positive reputation and reviews speak for themselves.

Our portfolio of homes, condos, apartments, and townhouses has something for every potential resident, and we can provide options and insight for anyone in the Ormond Beach or Orlando area. With over 800 properties managed, let us be your choice for a reliable, established Ormond Beach property management company.

The Benefits of Using The Realty Medics

In addition to our local knowledge and expertise in the Ormond Beach area, we also provide:

  • A low 8% management fee
  • Maintenance/Repair estimates (free) and service available before renting
  • A dedicated account manager for each owner and property
  • An Online Owner portal access and direct deposits
  • Industry leading marketing tools on 100’s of websites and use of the MLS
  • 24/7 in house emergency maintenance request handling
  • Full inspection performed with accompanying report Inspection Report Example
  • Fast unit turns with our in-house maintenance staff
  • 2 Licensed Florida Home Inspectors on staff
We take pride in taking care of your properties with respect and care. Learn about everything we offer and let us show you how committed we are about managing your property.

We also boast very a very low vacancy rate, and our average vacancy period is less than 26 days. This is one of the fastest turn around rates in Central Florida— it’s no wonder more than 75% of our tenants renew after the first year!

You can learn more about us and our property management experience here, or read our in-depth guide on Ormond Beach below.

Overview of Ormond Beach

Ormond Beach was first settled in the early 1800’s. Its name attributes to James Ormond, a sea captain transporting Franciscan settlers to Florida under King Ferdinand VII of Spain. Ormond Beach is the oldest settlement built under Spanish rule but the area was home to Seminole people for thousands of years.

Ormond Beach is a thriving commercial and residential city. It has a booming manufacturing sector that enjoys a healthy relationship with a foreign free trade zone around the Daytona Beach International Airport. Twenty-nine companies in Ormond Beach Business Park alone provide more than 2,000 well-paying jobs.

The Ormond Beach area allows a perfect balance of work and leisure. Unemployment is low and residents spend free time in shops, dining out and being entertained with excellent sports facilities and art displays. They also abound in Florida’s seaside beauty because the Ormond Beach region has an abundance of wildlife on shore and in the sea.

In-Depth on Ormond Beach

The Location

Ormond Beach nestles against Daytona Beach’s northern boundary. Both are part of Central Florida’s Volusia County, however, they’re separately incorporated cities. Ormond Beach is the principal center. It has a proportionately small geographic area giving it a higher population density. It’s located along the Tomoka River as well as part of the Halifax River lagoon that flows into the Atlantic Ocean.

The Weather

Being directly on the Central Florida Atlantic coast, Ormond Beach has a hot and humid subtropical climate. Summer daily temperatures soar in the high-90’s with evenings cooling slightly from late afternoon ocean breezes. Summers are rainy and wet with ever-present hurricane threats and lightning shows. Winters are cooler but dry and the skies are generally clear. Frost is rare and snow doesn’t happen.

More Details on Ormond Beach

Ormond Beach residents earn higher incomes than people in other greater Daytona Beach areas. Median family incomes exceed $60,000 with many in the high-tech sector nearly doubling that. Unemployment rates are very low and the city houses more people with young families than senior citizens.

Understandably, because of high pay and low unemployment scales, housing prices in Ormond Beach are above average for the greater Daytona Beach metro region. A typical 3-bedroom house in a suburban neighborhood averages $345,000. Rental rates are slightly higher for the region and vacancy rates are low.

Education facilities and high technology boost Ormond Beach’s economy. There are seven colleges and universities in the local area and it’s home to the Advanced Technology Center that supports businesses through workforce development and career advancement training. Healthcare and government agencies are also large Ormond Beach employers.

Ormond Beach boasts an impressive tourism industry and it has for years. In the early 1900’s, Ormond Beach began attracting wealthy folks from cold New England cities who wintered in the warm, Florida sun. Notable was John D. Rockefeller who built “The Casements” which is now a popular public center. Since then, many luxury resorts sprang up along the Ormond Beach shores. Today, they’re teeming with tourists.

Outdoor activities are the main Ormond Beach attraction for tourists and residents alike. The Ormond Beach yacht club moors many high-end power and sailboats. Golf courses are numerous. So are water parks. But why Ormond Beach is really famous is its incredible display of wildlife along the river shores, beaches and in the notable Tomoka State Park.

Ormond Beach is famous for another thing. It’s called “The Birthplace of Speed” and can rightfully claim the title from nearby Daytona International Speedway. Ormond Beach’s pavement-hard sands were the perfect place to race cars. The first auto race happened in 1902. Now it’s the Daytona 500.


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