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What can Windermere landlords and out-of-state investors like you expect when The Realty Medics manages of your most important assets?
  • Better and more consistent rental income on your Windermere property.
  • Expert advice on real estate investing that leads to higher ROI.
  • Quality work, accountability and transparency.
  • A hassle-free rental investment experience.
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Windermere Property Management Services for the Entire Investment Cycle

The Realty Medics is proud to be a progressive Windermere property management company with access to some of the most innovative technology in the property management business. We also believe in outstanding customer service. We’ve been in business since 2008, and we manage over 1,400 properties in Windermere and around central Florida.

We work to provide owners, landlords, and investors with the best property management services in the local property market. We can manage the complete lifecycle of your investment, providing real estate help and rehab management as well. Contact us to find out how to get started with Windermere property management.

What Types of Properties Do The Realty Medics Manage?

Single Family Homes

This is the most common type of residential property that we manage. Since 2008, with over 1,400 properties under management, our team has worked endlessly to establish The Realty Medics as one of the most progressive property management companies in the industry. We remain cutting-edge in our business because of our commitment to our owners and competitive services.



Properties of this type are generally attached to each other, but with no neighboring units above or below. This is one of the differences between townhouses and condos. If you own a townhouse that you would like to rent out, contact our team at The Realty Medics. Our team has worked with hundreds of investors and, landlords. We pride ourselves on our work ethic, and let our positive reputation and reviews speak for themselves.


In general, condominiums require payment of association fees to help maintain common areas and facilities. If you are a landlord who owns this type of property, you already know how much time and effort is required to manage condo rentals. Our management team has a wide range of experience and operational knowledge in property management and the various nuances required when dealing with HOAs.

What Services Do We Have for Windermere Property
Owners Like You?

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Windermere Rental Property Marketing and Advertising

A vacancy Windermere rental property earns no rental income and doesn’t contribute to your ROI. It only creates extra expenses. So, we have a sense of urgency when it comes to getting that property rented to a great tenant. Our marketing is aggressive and

our advertising is comprehensive. We understand the local Windermere rental market, and we know what Windermere tenants are seeking in a rental property. We know what works when it comes to online advertising and yard signs.

We’ll get your home rented whether it’s in Balmoral, Ashlin Park, Summerport, or any of the surrounding neighborhoods.

We maintain an updated vacancy list on our website, and tenants can easy schedule showings 24 hours a day.
Other marketing benefits include:

  • Rental analysis and price evaluation.

  • Coordination of renovations, upgrades, and rehabs.

  • Published property listings on highly trafficked rental sites with professional photos.

  • Well-placed yard signs for exposure to local traffic.

That’s what we call above-and-beyond Windermere property management.

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Screening Windermere Tenants and Leasing Windermere Properties

Our Windermere vacancy rate is lower than the local average at The Realty Medics. It takes us less than 26 days to rent out your property, especially if it’s priced well and in great condition. It takes an average of 18 days or fewer in the summer. This is due to of our comprehensive tenant screening process

We manage properties all over Windermere, which covers zip code 34786.

How do we find and place a high quality tenant quickly? It starts with the following:

  • Credit check, including a search for prior evictions and landlord debt.
  • Nationwide criminal background check.
  • Employment and income verification.
  • Rental history verification.

Our Windermere property management team will find you the best tenants, and keep your vacancy rate low.

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Windermere Rental Property Maintenance and Repairs

Our Windermere tenants have an easy time placing a routine maintenance request online, through their tenant portal. Once we receive the request, we immediately send out a vendor to take care of the issue. Emergency maintenance is our responsibility, and tenants can reach us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays.

Windermere rental property maintenance services include:

  • Coordinating and following up with repairs.

  • Property turnovers and repairs or renovations between tenants.

  • Professional move-in and move-out inspections.

  • Preferred list of licensed and insured vendors.

Landlords love our Windermere property management services because we solve maintenance issues quickly and efficiently.

Co working conference Business team meeting present investor colleagues discussing new plan financial graph data on office table with laptop and digital tablet Finance accounting investment,  near where Realty Medics offers Orlando property management

Windermere Rental Property Accounting and Documentation

Property investors and landlords in Windermere need to understand where they stand financially. We provide statements and a full accounting through your online portfolio. Our software allows you to log into your portal and see your account. You can control your property’s financial performance, and always stay informed.

We provide:

  • Rent collection and security deposit disbursement.
  • Lease renewals.
  • Collections on late payments.
  • Transparent, simple accounting statements.
  • Customizable reports for trend analysis.

Homeowners choose Realty Medics for Windermere property management because we make sharing and collecting information simple and effective.

The Realty Medics Guarantees

We are very proud to be the highest rated and most reviewed Property Management company in Central Florida. We guarantee results and have the lowest rates to support our results-driven philosophy.

14 Day Rental Guarantee

If we don’t rent your home in 14 days you get one month FREE management.

90 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you, the Owner, is unhappy for any reason, we will refund your management fees

6 Month Tenant Guarantee

If a tenant is removed in first 6 months, We find you a new tenant free of charge.

Pet Damage Guarantee

If a pet causes any damage to the property, We will cover this damage above the security deposit up to $1000.*
* See full details in Rental agreement


Windermere Property Management Costs and Fees

Windermere property management costs are varied across the local market. At The Realty Medics, we offer three different pricing options for our Windermere property management services. All three options offer the same services at different pricing structures. We know that every budget is different, and we also offer a Leasing-Only service which covers tenant placement.

Our most popular plans are those that include property management services along with tenant placement. Each plan has its own monthly management fee and tenant placement fee.

What Is it Like to Have The Realty Medics Manage My Windermere Rental Property?

The Owner/Property Manager relationship is very important. We are going to be working together for hopefully a very long time and communication and trust is essential. We are in business together we will always provide quick honest answers and advice.

We offer a full range of Windermere property management services tailored to you as an investor, homeowner, or landlord. We have an extensive portfolio of single family homes, townhouses, condos, and apartments in the Central Florida area. We are currently managing over 1,400 doors. So when you come to us for Windermere property management, we’ve got the expertise to help.

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Areas We Serve in Florida

We’re happy to serve many of the surrounding areas here in Central Florida. Below are the current cities and locations that we operate in. If you don’t see your area listed, don’t hesitate to reach out to us and we’ll see if we can work together.

Overview of Windermere

A large light yellow house with two garages and a pink roof near where Realty Medics offers Windermere property management

Windermere is a town in Orange County, with a population of just 2,000 residents, according to the 2010 census. The population count is much lower than surrounding areas, mostly because the Windermere community is focused on quality, upscale housing options. Most residents have a much higher income than normal, with the average income for a household being over $88,000, and incomes for families at over $105,000.

Typical of Florida weather, the Windermere area has warm, sunny days, with an average high in July of around 92 degrees. Winters are mild, with no snowfall, but higher chances of rain — the area gets about 52 inches of rain per year, and January, the coldest month, has an average low temperature of about 50 degrees. We’re proud to provide Windermere property management.

In-Depth of Windermere

The Culture
The residents of Windermere enjoy a classy, upscale culture, but still embrace traditional values, nature, and all the comforts of small-town life. The Downtown Windermere area features a small collection of local shops and markets, with a heavy emphasis on long-standing local businesses. You can also find the Windermere library, community parks, and lots of residential housing near the downtown section. Most of the surrounding areas of Windermere are residential, which feature upscale apartments, large family homes, and midsize townhouse options.

The public and private school options in Windermere are very strong, and the surrounding area also has a wide selection of day care schools and after-school programs for families and children. The safety of Windermere is also a staple of the community, as the area has secured a low crime rate, further boosted by the private neighborhoods that make up a large part of Windermere’s housing market. If you’re considering investing, consider Windermere – we make Windermere property management a breeze.

A beige color big house with glass window and dark blue roof and a garden lanscape. represents a property  houses of The Realty Medics

The Surrounding Area
While the Windermere culture is focused on upscale living and small-town values, the residents also have quick access to some of Orlando’s busiest locations. A quick ride on the 408 will have most residents to Downtown Orlando in about 20 minutes or less, and the popular Disney and Universal theme parks are very close, with Universal Studios being 10 minutes away for most Windermere residents.

If you’re looking for a small town feel, fantastic housing options, and a great education system, but still want to be close to a major downtown area, Windermere may just be the right fit for you. If you’d like to learn more about Windermere and Windermere property management, give us a call!

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