3 Questions to Ask About Buying a Home in Orlando


With its price tag and constant commitment, purchasing a home is one of the greatest and possibly most daunting investments you can make. 

Whether you are in the market for a home for you and your family that will house you for years or looking to purchase a house that you can quickly flip and sell, knowing what to ask about your potential new home and investment is crucial. 

Known as an excellent place to live for individuals of every age, Orlando provides its residents with lovely weather all year round, a ton of fantastic attractions and theme parks, and a lower-than-average cost of living. Below are three critical questions to ask about buying a home in Orlando.

What’s the Neighborhood Like?

Whether you are purchasing a home in Orlando for all-year living or vacationing, knowing more about the neighborhood and your potential neighbors is one of the essential questions to ask when buying a house in Florida. Below is a list of crucial facts you will want to know about the area you will potentially call home.

What Is the Quality of Schools in the Neighborhood?

If you are hoping to purchase a home for you and your family, knowing the quality of the local school system should be a top priority. As everyone knows, a good education is fundamental.

What Is the Noise Level of the Neighborhood?

Knowing whether the area is prone to much noise when purchasing a home is crucial. Traffic noise, air traffic noise, and even the noise often accompanying the local nightlife scene is vital to understand. They all cause noise pollution that may hinder your ability to enjoy your new home and even pose a hazard to you and your loved ones.

What Is the Average Age of the Residents in the Neighborhood?

When purchasing a home, knowing the average age of the residents in the neighborhood is extremely important because getting along with your neighbors will ensure that you enjoy living in your new home. 

For example, neighborhoods with older residents may not be suitable for a family with young children, or vice versa. Typically, older residents want peace and quiet, which tends to be the opposite of what children offer.

Is the Neighborhood Pet-Friendly?

If you are like the majority of U.S. households, you may have a fur baby that you need to consider when purchasing a home, and knowing whether the neighborhood is pet-friendly is very important. For example, does the neighborhood have a highly rated veterinary practice nearby or a pet park?

How Much Are Property Taxes and Monthly Utilities on Average?

A great question to ask your broker when buying a house is how much property taxes and monthly utilities are on average in the Orlando area. Because it is one of the most significant investments you will ever make, purchasing a home is often fraught with hidden costs that will not be apparent immediately. Instead, these hidden costs often come about as unexpectedly high monthly expenses.

Have There Been Any Problems with the Home?

Another good question to ask when buying a house is whether there are any issues with your potential new investment. 

Knowing whether your potential home has problems will not just ensure that you aren’t spending your hard-earned money on something that will cost you more than you can afford in the long run, but it will also give you, the buyer, the power to negotiate the price of the house. 

Below is a list of possible problems a home may have that you must be aware of beforehand and why it is essential to be mindful of them.

The Roof

Knowing the type of roof and its age is critical in knowing when you will need to replace it. Depending on what kind of roof it is, the shingles on a roof typically need replacing every 12-30 years.

The Sewage or Septic System

Knowing whether the home uses the local sewage system or a septic system is also extremely important, because both come with potentially unexpected issues. Remember that an older septic system that hasn’t received regular maintenance may need replacement.

The HVAC System

Knowing what type of heating and cooling systems the home has and how old and efficient they are is critical in knowing if and when you need to replace them. Additionally, learning about the house’s cooling system is vital when purchasing a home in Florida; with temperatures on average between 70° to 90°, an excellent cooling system is a must.

The Foundation

Knowing if there are any issues with the home’s foundation is essential because the foundation is what the house sits upon, and a foundation with issues will cause more problems and cost you more money.

The Electrical

Knowing the state of the electrical system is very important before purchasing a home. Older or damaged electrical systems can cause serious problems, such as an electrical fire that can cause severe property damage or loss of life.

Pest Issues

Knowing whether the house has ever experienced any pest issues is also essential because although it may not have pest issues at the moment, that doesn’t mean it won’t have further problems down the road. Pests can cause long-term damage to properties that might not be entirely obvious initially.

Summary of Questions to Ask About Buying an Orlando Home

Asking the right questions before purchasing a home is one of the essential steps to buying a house in Florida. The more you know, the more informed your decision will be and the less likely you will regret your new investment.