Three Reasons You Should Use an Orlando Realtor to Sell Your Home


You may have asked yourself, “Why do I need a realtor to sell my home?” It is understandable to wish to act independently, with a home of great value and a fluctuating economy. In fact, this is why you should use a realtor to sell your home, especially a local realtor: the housing economy is in constant annual flux. 

There is a right and wrong time to sell your home. It is very easy to get tripped up when selling a home by yourself, and in Florida’s real estate market, it is even easier to be tricked without a proper advisor. 

A realtor can get you the best possible price while also making adjustments to suit your needs, your home will likely sell faster with a professional, and it will inevitably create less stress for yourself and others dependent on you – all stupendous reasons to work with a realtor to sell your Orlando home. 

A Realtor Can Get You the Best Possible Price

You probably know about the user-friendly apps such as Zillow or Redfin, which assist with selling your home without you giving a 6% commission to a friendly local realtor. That 6% margin may seem overbearing, but it’s nothing when you as an individual are struggling to understand whether you are making the right decisions in pricing without your local realtor.

Why should you use a local realtor? Apps cannot sell your house the way a local realtor can. When selling a house in Orlando, especially if it’s a vacation home, these apps don’t represent your area with the spice a realtor provides. 

A local Orlando realtor knows what exists around a home: they know about Walt Disney World and its combined parks; the cinematic world of Universal Studios Orlando; the Orlando Science Center, which helps minds flourish with exponential knowledge beyond any other source; ICON Park with its towering, panoramic Ferris wheel; and even Gatorland.

This is why you need a local realtor to sell your Orlando home: a realtor understands what it is you desire from selling your home. They analyze the house’s surroundings and regional features to determine appropriate pricing that best fits your home as well as negotiate potential solutions between seller and buyer to best complement their desires.

Your Home Will Likely Sell Faster

Do you need a realtor to sell a house in Florida? Legally, no, but you’d be doing yourself a disservice if you choose to go without one. 

When using a realtor, you are in the hands of a professional with an abundance of local information to expedite selling your home. There are several factors in selling a home: the time of year, local market conditions, and the condition of your home. 

Your agent will assist you with the first two factors by focusing on the current state of the market in Orlando at the time of selling. They will focus on buyer demand, how much money that region within Orlando makes, and the rise of home values, to ensure they do not undersell your home.

The third is mostly dependent on yourself. You want the house to be as presentable as possible without sharing too much of the homeowner’s personality. You want it to be an almost-blank canvas with lines that say only so much to the viewer or, in this case, the buyer. 

Less Stress

This is by far the most important reason to work with a realtor – the lack of stress. You are trusting a professional, someone whose livelihood is in real estate, to sell your home for you. 

You no longer need gimmicks or selling points or the many, many calls you would have to make while also juggling a full-time job and, possibly, family. 

A realtor handles all the paperwork for you, the staging for open houses to present the best attributes of your home, and even the photos to be taken with higher-grade equipment than most individual home-sellers can manage. 

Your realtor will always have your best interests at heart. The relationship may be transactional, but their passion for real estate in Orlando proves their intentions are sincere. Trust in your local Orlando realtor and that heavy plate of stress will wash away in just seconds.

Summary of Why You Should Use an Orlando Realtor to Sell Your Home

There are three vital reasons you should use an Orlando realtor to sell your home: a realtor will get you the best possible price; your home will likely sell faster; and there will be virtually no stress during the entire process. 

A local Orlando realtor will ensure the best route to selling your home. They will utilize every ounce of local knowledge to propagate the idea that your home is worth the value they assign; selling your home is in their best interest, regardless of the transaction between you two. They will prove to you their commitment to the process and allow you to rest easy as your home sells exponentially quicker than it would have with you working on your own.