5 Easy Ways to Keep Costs Down as the Heat Goes Up


Two Cute Dogs Beating the Summer Florida HeatFloridians know that our summers can and do get scorching hot. And, hot temperatures mean high cooling and electrical costs.

But there are ways to keep yourself cool and comfortable without burning a huge hole in your wallet this summer.

Here are 5 great ways for keeping your summer energy costs low:

1. Use Floor and Ceiling Fans

Fans can help tremendously with your indoor comfort level. While fans don’t lower a room’s temperature, they do help to circulate air. Air flow helps home occupants feel more comfortable and it also helps to improve your cooling system’s efficiency.

Just remember to turn your fans off when you leave the house as fans do draw electricity to operate, so leaving them on if you’re not home has the opposite effect of you saving money.

2. Control Heat Buildup

Heat can accumulate throughout the day by using appliances, keeping the lights on, and just by occupants staying at home (body heat). You can decrease the amount of indoor heat buildup throughout the day by minimizing your energy usage.

Avoid using the stove and oven and instead use the microwave or outdoor grill. Take advantage of the warm weather to dry your clothes outdoors rather than using the dryer. Avoid using electronics like computer monitors, TV’s and stereos for extended periods of time, as they generate heat when in use.

3. Prevent Heat Gain

Just as your home can experience heat buildup from inside sources, it can also gain heat from the outdoor sunlight. You can prevent heat gain by using simple tactics to cover your windows.

Keep your blinds closed and your curtains drawn. Reflective blinds can help to repel solar heat and reduce indoor temperatures. Light-colored window curtains also help to reflect sunlight and reduce heat. You can even invest in solar screens, which prevent solar heat from getting into your home.

4. Use a Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat will increase the indoor temperature while you’re away and adjust the temperatures while you’re at home. This helps to prevent energy so that you can maintain your home at the right temperature for your needs.

Avoid setting your air condition unit to a really cold temperature when you get home. This won’t cool your home down any faster and runs the risk of you forgetting to change the temperature if you leave your home.

5. Maintain Your Cooling System

Even if you use a programmable thermostat and ceiling fans to improve efficiency, it won’t make much of an impact if you don’t maintain your A/C unit. To allow for adequate air movement, you need to make sure you clean the filters regularly—at least once per month. Dirty filters make the unit work harder, which reduces its efficiency.

If you have an older unit, it might be time to think about investing in a new, high-efficiency system. According to the Department of Energy, you can reduce your energy costs by 50% just by switching to a new unit.

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