6 Steps to Buying Your Dream Home in Orlando


If you have been toying with the idea of moving to Orlando, you might be anxious about how difficult it can be to find the right home. Orlando is a fantastic city located at the convergence of five different metropolitan areas in Central Florida. It has a lot to offer, including warm weather and a booming economy.

Buying your dream home is a big deal, and you want it to be a positive experience. We are here to help you make the right home-buying decision. The following article will provide helpful steps to buying your dream home in Orlando.

1. Identify What Type of Home You’re Looking for and Define Your Budget

Before you start looking for homes in Orlando, you need to understand what type of home suits your needs by creating a checklist for buying a house in Florida. Typically, people are looking to buy a home because they’re moving or starting a family. This means you must research Orlando’s housing market and find the type of home that matches your plans.

There are three main categories of housing: single-family homes, condos, and townhomes. Here is a breakdown of each:

  • Single-Family Homes: These are the traditional homes most individuals probably envision when considering home ownership. You will often locate them on a large lot with ample family room.
  • Condos and Townhomes: These types of homes are often more affordable than single-family homes. Condos and townhomes typically don’t have backyards, but they have access to a community pool or an on-site gym.

After identifying the type of house you need, you must create a home purchasing budget. This should include all your anticipated expenses, including closing costs, the down payment, and mortgage payments. It will help you narrow the available homes in Orlando based on your price range.

2. Find an Experienced Orlando Real Estate Agent

Do you need a realtor to buy a house in Florida? This is probably one of the most common questions that first-time home buyers ask when contemplating how to buy a house in Florida. The truth is, it’s up to you whether you want a realtor as part of your Orlando home-buying team.

The good news is that realtors have an edge in buying a house in Orlando, which can be very beneficial. A realtor will screen listings and match your requirements to the homes available in Orlando. You’ll need someone on your side who can negotiate the best deal for you, and a realtor is the best person for that job.

When selecting a realtor, you’re looking for someone friendly, down-to-earth, and who enjoys their job. It’s also a plus if they can tap into the current market to provide you with helpful Orlando home-buying tips. Moreover, the real estate agent you choose should have a proper license and be in good standing with the state.

You’ll also need to consider whether you’re comfortable working with your realtor. Some people prefer to work with one realtor for the entire buying process, while others might need multiple realtors specializing in different areas.

3. Shop for Homes

Shopping for homes is one of the vital steps to buying a house in Florida. The process might seem simple, but there are many things you need to consider when hunting for your dream home. You must have a plan and stick to it; otherwise, finding your ideal home will be more challenging.

Before starting your home search, you need to research the sought-after neighborhoods in Orlando and their property values. This will let you know what to pay for a home in those areas. It would also help if you familiarize yourself with Orlando’s most popular housing types.

You can start your search for homes by browsing online real estate listings. This can be helpful if you already have a general idea of the homes you want to buy. It can also help if you attend open houses and other events related to Orlando home buying to better understand the Orlando housing market and what homes are selling for.

When attending such tours, it is good practice to take pictures and note the information about the homes. It will help you better understand the Orlando housing market and the homes available. As a result, you will be more prepared for your home-buying process.

4. Make an Offer

You’ve narrowed down your home-buying options to a select few. Now, it’s time to make an offer. This is where you need to negotiate the terms of your purchase and do everything possible to get a good deal.

Your real estate agent can assist you with this process by ensuring you get a reasonable home price. However, you must do research to get the best deal and avoid costly mistakes.

The process of submitting an offer is pretty simple. You will first need to decide the amount of money to offer. It should not be lower than the current asking price for the property.

If you are interested in bidding on a single-family home, you need to offer at least 10% more than the seller is asking. On the other hand, you don’t need to go beyond 10% to make an offer on a condominium or townhouse.

Ensure you have prepared all the documents required to make an offer on a home. Then, wait to hear whether your offer has been accepted and negotiate the final terms before signing a contract. You must also have enough down payment to complete your home purchase.

5. Arrange a Home Inspection and Review the Contract

After you have made an offer and the seller has accepted it, the next crucial step is arranging a home inspection and reviewing the contract. If you do not know what to look for when buying a house in Florida, then a home inspection can be quite helpful, as it can offer you useful information about the property.

There are a few ways to arrange a home inspection. You could choose to consult your real estate agent, or you could go ahead and prepare an inspection schedule with the seller, who is responsible for arranging it.

A licensed inspector who is well acquainted with the type of home you want to buy must conduct the inspection. Here are two reasons why:

  • The inspector can provide valuable detail to you about the home and its general condition.
  • It will help you compare the home’s condition with your expectations.

You should ensure that you have a copy of the inspection report, as it will provide insight into the home’s condition and potential problems. This will assist you in negotiating more effectively.

If you are satisfied with the inspection and the condition of the house, you should then review the contract. The contract will cover all the details and should be a word-for-word copy of your signed document.

6. Close the Sale

After all the paperwork is signed and prepared, the next step is to close the sale. This is a necessary process that will transfer ownership rights from the seller to you. This can be done in different ways, depending on whether or not you have a mortgage loan.

You might need to make additional arrangements before closing the deal to ensure you can settle the mortgage loan.

If you have a mortgage loan, you will likely need to complete a security deposit agreement before closing the sale. This is where you will deposit a certain amount of money into an escrow account to cover any repairs or conduct any necessary inspections that the buyer might require during the mortgage loan settlement period. The seller will then receive a refund of the security deposit at closing.

Closing can be much simpler if you do not have a mortgage loan and have arranged to pay the seller in full. You will need to pay some fees, including a processing fee and an actual closing fee. You must ensure sufficient funds are available at the closing agent’s office.

After the package is signed, you can move into your new home. You will be able to enjoy your new home, the neighborhood it is in, and all the amenities it has to offer.

Summary of Steps to Buying Your Dream Home in Orlando

The steps to buying your dream home in Orlando are easy to follow. They include getting a good grasp of the Orlando housing market and the types of homes available in the area. The next step is to compare these different types of homes and choose the one that best fits your needs.

Before making an offer, you will also need to figure out the costs of buying the property and whether you can afford the home. Then, after making an offer, it will be crucial that you arrange a home inspection and review your contract. After that, you should also close the sale and transfer ownership rights.

If you want to buy real estate in Orlando, do not hesitate to contact us today. We will assist you with the home-buying process and ensure it goes smoothly.