5 Things to Know About Owning Beachfront Property


Owning a home on the beach is a dream for many families. Or for investors, beach homes can be smart business investments that provide you with immediate rental income and long-term equity.

Whether you’re buying an oceanfront home for yourself or as an income property, there are some important factors to consider.

Beach homes have unique differences that make them different from a regular inland homes. Here are five factors you should think about when considering owning and maintaining a beachfront property:

1 – Beach Erosion

One of the primary things to understand about owning beachfront property is the potential risk of shoreline erosion. If you’re planning to own your beach home for several decades, then you want to be sure the beach will still be there years from now. Research the local geological survey data to have a better understanding of how beach erosion may affect your prospective property.

2 – Hurricane and Flood Insurance

Because beach properties have a greater susceptibility to hurricane and flood damage, oceanfront homes need to have insurance that covers both types of natural disasters. During a hurricane, it can be difficult for adjusters to determine if the damage was caused by wind or water. Without the appropriate insurance policy, your claim may not be covered.

It’s also very important, even more-so for homes on the beach that are susceptible to storm-surge, to ensure that you take proper precautions in preparing for a hurricane before it strikes.

3 – Wear and Tear

Homes located on the beach are subject to a different set of wear and tear factors than homes located further inland. Greater exposure to high winds and heavy rain means more potential for roof and exterior damage.

Additionally, salt water air can corrode any metal trim, furniture or railings on your property. It can also eat away at your weather stripping. You’ll also need to consider that the flooring and plumbing will need additional maintenance due to the fact that sand will definitely make its way indoors and be tracked into the home.

4 – Year-Round Maintenance

Oceanfront properties require year-round inspection and maintenance. To keep your home in top condition, you need to have different maintenance items completed throughout the year, especially during hurricane season. It’s not enough to only perform upkeep during vacation season. You must ensure that your home is constantly cared for to prevent wind damage and pest infestations as well as to keep it secure from theft.

5 – Property Management

Beach homes are a valuable investment as long as they are properly managed. That’s why beach home investors hire professional property management companies to look after their property year-round, even when not in use.

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