Save Money with Property Management Maintenance

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Save Money with Property Management Maintenance

Handling a home repair project on your own vs. hiring a contractor will always save you money, right? Generally speaking, yes. That is, assuming you can accomplish the same task with equal precision and aptitude as a professional and that you have the time. However, when you’re a landlord with one or more properties—or an ...
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5 Reasons to Conduct a Rental Property Inspection Regularly

Rental Property Inspections Are Good Business You have a great tenant in your rental. Things are going well with your amazing property manager (you’re welcome!). So, why would you want to check up on things on the property? Wouldn’t that insult the tenant who’s been exemplary so far? Actually, no. Periodic inspections help you, as ...
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Rental Property Inspections – Our Rocket Science Management Secret Weapon

How to Get Good Tenants in Central Florida Everybody wants good renters who will respect their property. Accomplishing that involves multiple elements, but the most underrated is the inspections process. Regular, formal rental property inspections have functional and psychological effects that attract good renters and keep them on their best behavior.   Did You Know: ...