Understanding the Importance of Your Orlando Renters Insurance for Ultimate Security

Only the hands are shown, with the property manager in a suit hands over Orlando Renters Insurance and pen to the tenant

Understanding the Importance of Your Orlando Renters Insurance for Ultimate Security

Did you know that most tenants don’t get renters insurance? This is a big mistake! If you rent, understanding the importance of your Orlando renters insurance could help save you thousands of dollars in the event of an emergency. Owner’s Insurance Many tenants mistakenly believe that the owner’s insurance will pay to replace their belongings. ...
A front view of a desk where a centered miniature house model softly blends into the background. In the foreground, keys rest on the left, coins are at the center, and stacks of coins rest atop paper bills on the right, symbolizing the intricacies of property management fees.

Real Estate Property Management Fees in Central Florida Explained

Investment property owners who choose to use a property management company may have questions about where their fee money goes. While we can’t speak for other organizations, when you work with The Realty Medics, we can explain real estate property management fees in Central Florida.  Common Property Management Fees Leasing Fee Finding the right tenant ...
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Property Management Peace of Mind for Any Rental Emergency

Not many people can say a car drove through their house. Literally, all the way through. Rental property owner and The Realty Medics’ client, Tim Bradley, had only just begun his career in real estate investment when he earned this unique distinction. In fact, this was one of his first rental properties, and he’d been ...