Fit Your Rental Property with Great Tenants

You want to get the most of your investment property. That means preparing it quickly to get tenants in. Real estate investment is pointless if it’s not doing its job of bringing in revenue. You need to make preparations and get the word out in a timely fashion.

Finding Any Tenant
The old standard of putting out a “For Rent” sign could land your next tenant. So could posting fliers in area stores or listing in local classified sections (printed and online). These techniques offer free or low-cost ways of gaining attention for your property. But how do you know if the right eyeballs see your advertising?

To expand your reach, you can pay a low fee to property listing sites like or Regardless of how tempting they may be, steer clear of free listing sites. For example, USAA recommends its members not list on sites like Craigslist because they have become hotbeds for scammers.

Posting on your own web site or social media accounts lets friends (and friends of friends) know you have a rental. Assuming your rent rate is appropriate for the area, you’ll likely get at least a few responses. Of course, those responses come with varying degrees of seriousness.

But you’re not trying to be a Debbie (or Donald) Desperado. You don’t want just any person to sign a lease with you just so you can get someone in there fast. You also can’t wait around for the “perfect” tenant to apply. Meanwhile, your rental sits around like a lazy teenager, sucking up your resources and not contributing financially.

Finding Quality Tenants
There’s a special science – some might say rocket science – to finding a quality tenant for your rental unit. To make the most of your investment, you need to find a good tenant that will pay on time and respect your property. You could find that unicorn, but most likely signs in the yard and social media posts won’t cut it.

Unless you’re a full-time landlord, finding the time to keep up with everything surrounding property management is nearly impossible. Above all, you must ensure you have a rental that complies with regulations from governing bodies. Know your market and fair rent rates. Only then can you craft a listing, which should have professional-grade photos and descriptions to get more attention. Then you must ensure you have systems in place for screening applicants, setting up payments, and protocols for property maintenance. By the way, who’s going to be the actual person performing any repairs or maintenance? You?

Let Professional Property Managers Help You

The Value of a Property Manager
That feeling you have right now: it’s called overwhelm. Admit it, this might be more work than you thought. A qualified real estate or property management team can help.

As a full-service property management company, The Realty Medics can help you through the entire process. From assessing any necessary or recommended repairs to determining proper rates, our specialists can help you get your investment property ready for listing.

When ready, our experts will take photos and write descriptions that will get your rental noticed by a huge audience. Our website syndicates to almost 100 other websites. We also take advantage of the realty Multiple Listing Service (MLS) at no additional cost to you.

Then, we identify high-quality tenants through our comprehensive screening process, but you have the final say on who moves in. From there, we’ll also handle billing, payments, and tax documentation, which are available online for you at any time. When repairs or maintenance are needed, you never have to hammer a nail or haggle with contractors. Our in-house team can swing into action to handle the details for you, including a 24/7 answering service for emergencies.

If you have nightmares about throwing away tons of income to hire a property manager, think again! The Realty Medics has graduated levels of support and coverage. Depending on your preferred level of support, there’s a package in our pricing plan that will work for you. There’s even an option for lease only support.

Interested in learning more? The Realty Medics offer a FREE Rental Price Analysis for property owners to learn how to maximize their home’s full potential. You can also check out our Management FAQs for more information.

When you purchase an investment property, you want to maximize your income potential and avoid any unnecessary pitfalls that could hinder your growth. Want to hear what our clients say about our services? Check out our Contact Us page. Or call us today at 321.236.6690 to see how we can help you, too!

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Ben Sencenbaugh-The Realty Medics-Orlando property managementBen Sencenbaugh is a former NASA engineer who heads The Realty Medics, Central Florida’s #1 residential property management company. A loyal Orlando resident since buying his first rental home in 1997, Ben brings rocket science to renting, applying advanced technology to make renting single-family homes a better, simpler and more successful experience for owners and tenants.