4 Reasons Why Real Estate is a Solid Investment

With any investment, there will be risks. You have to weigh the good vs. the bad, and make sure you have a back up plan if things go south.

But, if you have everything lined up and in order, making a real estate investment can be a smart move. Keep in mind that it requires knowledge and dedication to own a home. And, like most professions, you have to be well versed and know what you’re doing. 

Since the 2008 market crash, it can be a bit scary to invest in your own home. But, if you work smarter, not harder, and you put in the time and effort, you are certain to see a nice ROI on your property investments.

Why Real Estate Properties Are a Smart Investment

1.) Expect a Better Return on Real Estate Investments

Real estate has proven, over time, that it has better returns than the stock market. The longer you have your home, the lower the risk of loss. 

As time goes on and the housing marketing improves, so does your home’s value, which allows you to start building equity.

There is a lot more control of your real estate investments since your home is a tangible asset that you can use to leverage on variable revenue streams. Your property and home will always have value, whereas other investments can sometimes leave you with no tangible asset values. Cars, for instance, can decrease over time and stocks can crash to zero. Let’s not forget that you can also rely on homeowner’s insurance to protect your real estate investments.

2.) Tax Benefits

In addition to a great return on investment, when you invest in real estate, you also get access to some great tax advantages. 

There are plenty of tax benefits available to you; you just have to know what they are, and how to capitalize on them.

There are tax deductions on mortgage interest, property taxes, operating costs, insurance, and deprecation, even if the home gains value. So, even though you’ll be spending more on yard work and repairs than you would on a rental, the tax breaks that are available to you can really help you make that out-of-pocket money back.

3.) Security

A lot of people invest in real estate for financial security. Your home is a tangible asset that is likely to continue to appreciate in value in the coming years. Every housing market is going to be different, so you still have to do your homework and use common sense when seeking financial security in real estate.

If you’re in a situation where you need more financial stability, you always have the option to sell your home. Which, hopefully, has increased in value over time. Another option is renting your property out.

4.) Steady Cash Flow – Make it a Rental Property

If you plan on renting out your home, you give yourself the ability to guarantee that you’ll have steady cash flow. 

With the right tenants living in your rental property, you can create a nice cash cow for yourself, which allows for a check each month to get sent to you. Whether you decide to be a landlord or use a professional tenant management company, having a good relationship with your tenants is very important. 

Why? Well, not only can it increase the chances of them staying there longer, but it will also ensure that tenants will take great care of your investment properties

Investment Property Management Made Simple

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