Get a Pulse on Your Investments with the PPD


Get a Pulse on Your Investments with the Property Performance Dashboard (PPD)

Real estate investors like you treat your rental properties like any other portfolio. You want to know how much income your properties bring in and the status of any vacant rentals. Traditional processes require multiple touchpoints with your property managers to get a somewhat vague idea of that data. The Realty Medics have a better way, You can get a pulse on your investments with the property performance dashboard (PPD). 

And that’s all thanks to our resident rocket scientist. Ben Sencenbaugh, President of The Realty Medics and former NASA engineer, wrote the ground-breaking software programming. No other property management company in the country uses technology like this. 

What does the Property Performance Dashboard Do? 

Operating kind of like an online investment app, the PPD gives a complete picture of an owner’s investment status. Whether they have one property or a portfolio of rentals, investors can check as often as they like on their investments. 

Everything an owner needs to know about the status of their property or portfolio is available on the PPD. From leasing to addressing vacant rentals to maintenance, the PPD shows investors real-time calculations on how well their property is performing for them.

PPD Main Page 

On the main page, owners can quickly see the monthly and annual income generated from each rental unit or their full portfolio. They can also get an idea of ROI for each investment, their total property values, available equity, cap rate, cash flow, and much more. 

Leasing Page

For vacant properties, owners can see how much interest they’ve received by viewing the number of leads, showings, and submitted applications. 

Maintenance Page

Maintenance of properties no longer needs to feel like a hassle. Owners can pull up inspection reports, photos, and repair bids. They can also send money, approve, deny, or change the scope of repairs for their properties all from the software. 

How Do PPD Calculations Benefit Owners? 

Many investors look at the monthly cash flow to see how well a property has performed, without taking into consideration other factors. 

For example, a typical report will show that the investor made $2k in monthly cash flow from a rental home last year. But in that timeframe, the home may have also appreciated $30k while the tenant paid down $15k from the mortgage. The standard snapshot neglects the $45k swing from home value appreciation and mortgage reduction.

A Special Perk for Client Owners

Our PPD has gained the attention from property managers and multi-billion dollar firms around the country who want to purchase or recreate it. As we mentioned above, no other property management company in the United States has a software program like ours. Those with less-effective programs want their clients to pay a fee for a service like this. 

But it’s available to our client owners for free as part of their contract with The Realty Medics. Think of it as your own personal assistant as a thank you for doing business with us. 

Want to learn more about this amazing feature we offer our owners? You can take a demo version out for a spin. Visit our website or give us a call at (321) 236-6690 to start using this amazing perk.