Orlando FL Property Managers: How to Avoid the Bad Ones


Orlando FL property manager


There is a lot riding on the line when hiring an Orlando FL property manager, because even though they can be great, they can also wreak havoc. How can you make sure that you are making the best choice before hiring a property manager? Here are some tips:

Questions to ask them:

  • How long have they been managing properties for?
  • Do they have their own maintenance crew? – This is a definite plus especially if the fees are reasonable
  • How often do they send out checks and reports? – These should be sent out once a month
  • What is their current vacancy rate? – Whatever their current vacancy rate is, is what you should expect from them in the future.
  • How often do they evict tenants? – The higher the number of evictions that they have will show how well they will screen future tenants.
  • What are their fees? – This comes down to your budget.
  • What kinds of properties do they manage? – Some think that the more the better but this is actually not true. The smaller the amount of types of properties that they manage the better because it shows that they specialize in a certain type.

Red light signals to look out for when hiring an Orlando FL property manager:

  • Limited hours
  • If they are not willing to provide references
  • Lack of responsibilities
  • Unprofessional/unpleasant demeanor

Follow these guidelines and tips to ensure that you hire the perfect property manager in Orlando FL.