Preparing Orlando Properties for Sale


cleaning window

It is often said that you make the most money when you buy and not when you sell. While the simple truth is that you make more money, typically, when the markets are spooked you are able to buy at ridiculously low prices. People like Warren Buffett and Donald Trump have made a career out of this philosophy. While your portfolio probably doesn’t resemble that of the Oracle of Omaha,
there are a few things that the casual real estate investor can do to make more money from a property they are selling. Preparing your Orlando properties for sale can be time-consuming and it can be tedious. However, the end result will net you a larger payday and that is what you are after!

Cleanliness Is Key

You would rarely buy a home for yourself that was akin to a pig sty or a rat’s nest. Why would you expect top dollar for your property that has not been thoroughly cleaned? First impressions are key in the real estate market and the best way to make a good impression is with a spruced up property. Even if your property is not the next Taj Mahal, it does not have to look like it has never been cleaned.

Remove Odors

Bad smells are a sign of poor management for your property. It tells the world that you rarely pay attention to your property and therefore the potential buyer will wonder what else you have been ignoring. If you notice a foul odor you need to identify it and remove it.

Remove Clutter

Buyers are looking at your property as their next property. Having each room packed with your junk is not going to entice them to buy. Clean out the clutter and properly stage the room so that the prospective buyers can envision what the property could become.

Neutral Is Your Friend

While you might like pinks and reds and deep blues, most people do not. A home will have a better chance of selling if the walls have been painted in a neutral color. This allows the buyer to see the whole room and not just the offensive color schemes.

Embrace The Light

Make sure the windows are properly cleaned and that they are opened. When listing your Orlando properties for sale the best thing you can do is accentuate the positive. People love lighting and you need to use that to your advantage.

Organize EVERY Room

One of the most overlooked aspects of a home during the cleaning process are the closets. Prospective buyers are going to be looking in these areas to determine how much storage space you have. This is the perfect time to clean them out and reorganize to better showcase the storage room that the property has.

Curb Appeal Is Vital

While you might not be able to tackle every aspect of renovation that you had hoped, you can always make the best of what you have. Make sure the lawn is properly manicured. Plant some colorful flowers along the walkways. A well-maintained lawn will inspire potential buyers and they will notice that the property has been well kept and looked after.
As you make the move to list your Orlando properties for sale you need to take the time to look them over. Walk through the property as if you were going to buy it. Make notes of what you see that could be improved and then make those improvements. These simple tips could mean the difference between getting your asking price and having to settle for a low ball offer.