7 Orlando Property Management Hiring Tips For Landlords

Orlando Property Management

The most important thing about having Orlando property management is knowing that the manager can handle all of their tenant’s issues. This means that they must be ready, willing and able to resolve any issues without tenants getting angry, therefore, keeping the property owner happy. It is crucial to find a good property manager because a bad one can run your company into bankruptcy and a good one can help support you to success.

How Can You Find The Right Property Manager?

  • The first thing that you want to do while looking for an Orlando property management team is finding out how many properties/units that they are currently managing. In addition to this information, you also want to find out how many employees are managing these units. This is important because an employee who has the right tools and proven processes are more able to handle a higher number than employees who don’t.
  • A very difficult but necessary component in managing the tenants and properties is that they have to be able to get into said properties on a routine basis. Before hiring a property manager you want to make sure you get their full commitment. You also want to find out how frequently they will be doing inspections on all of the properties.
  • While having a discussion with them pay attention to how often they are cutting you off. If this is a constant occurrence then this isn’t a good sign. This type of behavior can be detrimental in the future. It could mean that they will not listen to you in the future. You want to work with somebody who is willing to listen to your needs.
  • Property managers in Orlando charge a percentage of the rents for managing your property. It is crucial that you know what this percentage is based on.
  • There are a variety of different property/tenant management tools on the market. Make sure that you find out what tool they are using to ensure that it is good, efficient software and that they will share all the reports with you
  • Any and all reports that the property manager comes up with should be send to you by the 6th of each month as well as your portion of the tenant’s rents.
  • When hiring a property manager talk to them about their plans for dealing with maintenance issues. Every manager will come across maintenance issues from tenants and some can be dangerous. It is the job of a property manager to figure out how much money will be put towards these issues and how they will be taken care of.

Hiring a good Orlando Property Management team doesn’t have to be a hassle. Make sure that you are asking the right questions and paying attention to certain mannerisms. Having a property manager will not only take the stress off of you but it will help your tenant’s stay happy as well.