3 Ways an Orlando Property Manager Can Optimize Your Investment Property ROI

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If you’re a rental property owner, then you know how important property management is. Nowadays, property management is even more complex than ever before. In order to provide the utmost quality experience for your tenants, it is essential to have a robust technology back-end as well as a personable, quick-responsive human on the front-end.

Led by a former NASA Space Shuttle engineer, The Realty Medics are experts in Orlando property management and know a few things about proprietary technology systems and training. They’re also aware that technology’s purpose is not to replace human touch but to enable it. Below is a list of the top three ways we — and any seasoned property manager — can work with you to derive the most out of your investment.

Hiring a third-party property management company can be worth every penny, especially if you’re looking to grow your investment business over time. – Forbes

property management-The Realty Medics property manager1 – Optimal Rental Property Market Value

It is important to determine precisely how much to charge in rent in order to attract high-quality tenants. That’s because if the price is too high, there won’t be enough interest to get the property leased, which means not enough money coming in. The same with if the rent is too low, you won’t receive the most cash flow possible.

2 – Tenant Retention

The key to great return on your investment property, are great tenants. Matching with the right tenant, to begin with, sets you up for fewer headaches in the future. It also increases the likelihood of consistent cash flow in the long run.

Knowing the last three months of a tenant’s lease are crucial to the likelihood of retention, it is important to start their renewal process 120 days before the expiration of a tenant’s lease. This step also gives enough time to determine whether or not there’s going to be a rent increase. This is also the time we draw up new lease agreements for all parties to sign. In case a tenant decides against renewal, we coordinate with them on next steps like forwarding addresses, key retrieval, move-out instructions, and other essential tasks.

As the need for new tenants arises, we have a trained home inspector visit your property to document its condition by taking hundreds of photos. We then use this to create an itemized repair list (see suggestion #3). Once the repairs are completed, our leasing team makes necessary updates to the photos as well as listing your property on hundreds of sites. They are also available to take phone calls and answer applicants’ questions. We also get potential tenants scheduled for showings and help them apply for each property.

Upon receiving an application, our next step is performing a critical step in protecting your investment. That is a comprehensive background check. Once approved through the screening process, as well as approval from the Home Owner’s Association (HOA), our next step is to collect the security deposit in secured funds. After this, we draw up a lease and arrange for the transfer of funds to you.

3 – Property Maintenance & Repair Coordination

If repairs are needed before next tenant’s move-in, we coordinate with contractors, discuss recommendations and secure estimates in order to get the property back on the market as soon as possible. We also coordinate maintenance requests quickly, thoroughly and with minimal disruption to you or your tenants. We know how busy

In the past, a property manager’s duty may have been just collecting rent. Today, it’s their duty to help protect and maintain your investment. If you’re in the market for a Central Florida property management company, look no further than The Realty Medics to help handle mission-critical tasks and make sure your investment really takes off. We’ll take care of your investment property for you!

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