Orlando Real Estate Investments in 2021

Orlando consistently ranks as one of the best places in the country to live, work, and play. Known for warm weather, gorgeous white sand beaches, and, of course, home to Walt Disney World, you can see why.

And with more than 68 million visitors annually, this makes Orlando real estate investments in 2021 a good bet. In fact, Orlando consistently ranks as one of the top real estate hubspots for investing in rental properties.  

Orlando Population Growth

Since 2000, Orlando’s population has grown more than 58%, nearly three times the national average! And 70% of that growth came from positive net migration into the area. As more people continue to relocate to the Sunshine State, this number will likely not slow down any time soon. 

Known as a “long-term growth state,” people who relocate here plan to stay awhile. Florida has consistently ranked as one the fastest growing states in the country over the past several decades. 

This means as a property manager or owner, you’ll have no shortage of potential clients lined up to rent your home.

Florida’s Economy

Orlando has been called a “thriving market” for those looking for employment and a place to buy a house.

Tourism will likely always lead Orlando’s economic growth. But like many Floridian cities, Orlando has experienced an influx of new residents. 

Some call it COVID-epiphanies that have prompted many to make Florida their official home. Snowbirds flocked to Florida permanently after experiencing lockdowns in other cities. More Americans also have the luxury of working remotely from anywhere in the world, so why not work from paradise?

The state allowing businesses to fully reopen to the public has allowed the state’s economy to improve post-pandemic. Since Florida’s economy mostly depends on tourism, Orlando has benefitted as the country’s economic outlook improves, too. 

Sales vs. Inventory

Once a city that led the nation in foreclosures, Orlando continues on a straight path to post some of the most impressive real estate gains in the country. Increases in jobs and incomes have also helped push Orlando to the top of the real estate investment list. 

Orlando real estate market moves fast. So as sales volumes increase, the inventory levels will decrease.  Buyers need to constantly check the market so they don’t miss out on the best investment homes.

Orlando Investment Properties

If you’re interested in moving to the great state of Florida, or you’re considering renting out your Orlando home, The Realty Medics can help! We know the area and the market better than anyone, and we’ll help you find your dream home or update your current property, so it’s ready for new tenants. In fact, we’ll even help you find the best candidates to live there and help you manage all the logistics of property management.

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