Orlando Real Estate? Leave Rental Rocket Science to The Realty Medics


Engineering Property Management Peace of Mind

Some say property management companies are all the same, but that’s because it’s easy to cut corners when it’s not your money. Only The Realty Medics guarantee performance through Rocket Science Renting for owners and tenants, in Orlando and beyond.

Led by a former NASA Space Shuttle engineer, The Realty Medics are experts in Orlando real estate and property management and know a few things about proprietary technology systems and training. 

That’s Why We’re Central Florida’s #1 Property Manager

  • Hyper-responsive, 5-Star Customer Service.
  • Advanced Technology to serve and protect your investment.
  • Personable and professional Property Management Technicians (PMTs) for any maintenance issue.

We’re home to the Triple Satisfaction Guarantee and the Lowest Fees in town.

  • Fast 14 Day Leasing Program
  • 6 Month Tenant Guarantee
  • 90 Day Money Back Guarantee

Central Florida is built on Rocket Science and so are we. That’s how we make renting seem easy, fast and worry-free. 

1,000+ homes under management = 1,000+ happy homeowners, investors and renters.

Don’t Settle for Less from Your Property Manager

In the past, a property manager’s duty may have been just collecting rent. Today, it’s an Orlando real estate and property management company’s duty to help protect and maintain your investment. If you’re in the market for a Central Florida property management company, look no further than The Realty Medics to help handle mission-critical tasks and make sure your investment really takes off.

We’ll take care of your investment property for you!

The Realty Medics. Engineering Property Management Peace of Mind.


If you want to experience Rocket Science Renting for yourself, The Realty Medics offers the lowest property management rates in Orlando. Contact us today to find out what your home will rent for by calling 321-218-4753 or filling out a FREE Rental Price Analysis.

Ben Sencenbaugh-The Realty Medics-Orlando property managementBen Sencenbaugh is a former NASA engineer who heads The Realty Medics, Central Florida’s #1 residential property management company. A loyal Orlando resident since buying his first rental home in 1997, Ben brings rocket science to renting, applying advanced technology to make renting single-family homes a better, simpler and more successful experience for owners and tenants.