How Can Real Estate Services Help You?

Whether buying your dream home, selling your current property, or looking for investment opportunities, real estate agents can become your immediate ally. How?

  • They do their research.
  • They know the areas.
  • They offer suggestions you may not have thought of before.
  • Because that’s their job.

How can real estate services help you specifically? Great question! We explore the answer in a few ways below.

Avoid Fruitless Searches When Buying

Someone who follows home sales trends knows the local market and understands your goals can save you countless hours searching dead ends.

Ever sit down with your phone to start randomly Googling “Houses for Sale Near Me?” You scroll and scroll—numbed by the endless (mostly terrible) options. 

Then you look up to find several hours have passed by, and you have nothing to show for it. Zero solid leads. Although at some point, kid you not, nearly everyone ends up looking up their own house on Google Maps

Depending on your goals, you may also need to alter your search. For example, finding a good investment property vs. searching for a personal home requires different skills. Things you’d look for in a personal home likely won’t translate into good aspects for a rental home. 

Having an expert who knows the differences can save tens of thousands of dollars, especially when buying investment property.

Realtors who are well-versed in rental property markets can steer you to prime locations to find homes that fetch the highest returns on your investment.

Selling or Renting Advice

Just because you don’t plan to live in a house you already own, selling it doesn’t automatically make sense. You want to squeeze the most value out of your existing assets and selling outright may actually “sell” you short.

Even just conducting a basic napkin test, can help current owners think more strategically about their property as investments. A little research on rental rates, average realtor commissions, and acceptable profit margin math can go a long way.

Unfortunately, many sellers end up working with agents without understanding the advantages of renting it instead.

If selling makes the most sense, realtors who knows the market well are worth their weight in gold. They will work hard to get you the best offers by recommending preparations and staging ideas. Next, they’ll market the property on the best platforms to attract the attention of the highest quality buyer pools.

Deciding to rent out an existing property instead of selling requires a whole new set of skills. The learning curve can be steep if it’s an owner’s first dabbling into investment property. Having someone with the expertise in this area is completely invaluable. 

Need Real Estate Services?

The Reality Medics hosts an in-house real estate services arm. They’ve helped hundreds of families in Orlando and throughout central Florida buy or sell properties. They’ve also helped clients close on everything—from dream homes to fixer-upper investment properties to land development for new builds. 

Real estate is the most expensive asset most people own. Discuss your goals with someone who can help you make the best decisions for your situation.

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