Rental Property Inspections – Our Rocket Science Management Secret Weapon

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How to Get Good Tenants in Central Florida

  • Everybody wants good renters who will respect their property.
  • Accomplishing that involves multiple elements, but the most underrated is the inspections process.
  • Regular, formal rental property inspections have functional and psychological effects that attract good renters and keep them on their best behavior.


Did You Know: Our Orlando Property Manager is a NASA Engineer

I was part of the NASA team that took the last critical look at the Space Shuttle before every launch. Starting at 255 feet, an elite team would spend hours examining it literally from the top down. Armed with optical equipment, infrared cameras and other technology, we were the final word on making sure the Shuttle, external tank and solid rocket boosters were free from any damage, debris or propellant ice buildup.

Why Mention This?

Because if you want to find good renters for your property and make sure they stay that way, then your secret weapon is the rental property inspections process.

How Do Inspections Help You Find Good Tenants?

Repairs from Inspections Attract Higher-Quality Tenants

Old-school property managers see inspections as a box to check: They just want to make sure the property is up to Florida legal standards. That’s a low bar. Rental property inspections are actually an opportunity. By identifying needed repairs and making your property as attractive as possible, you naturally attract a higher-quality renter. At The Realty Medics, our inspection process generates a detailed list of both required and recommended repairs. Whether you use your own vendors or tap our trusted network, repairs are done professionally and on time.

Inspections Create Accountability and Eliminate Disputes

When renters know they’re in a Realty Medics-managed home, they know that the move-in condition of the home has been well-documented. As a result, they’re more likely to “own up” to any damages they cause. In addition, a smart inspection process alleviates the anxiety some owners have about fighting with tenants over damages. At The Realty Medics, our certified in-house home inspectors work at a much higher standard than the industry average, snapping hundreds of photos and filling out detailed documentation to protect our owners like no one else in the industry.

Ongoing Inspections Encourage Good Ongoing Renter Behavior

In my experience, the single-best way to make sure that a renter treats your property well once they’ve moved in is to conduct ongoing inspections—annually at a minimum. I’m amazed at how many property managers miss this opportunity. Everybody knows that inspections have a functional benefit. What’s arguably more important is their psychological benefit. Frequent inspections send a message to your renters that you’re always keeping an eye on your property. You’d be amazed at how this translates into better behavior and fewer damages.

Everybody wants good renters who won’t destroy their property. But while most people focus on things like background checks and credit scores (and they should), many miss the secret weapon of inspections. In our experience at The Realty Medics, nothing gives you more bang for the buck in the long run than inspections—if you do them right.

It’s just one way that we put the rocket science in renting.

Find the Tenants You Want with Help from The Realty Medics

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Ben Sencenbaugh-The Realty Medics-Orlando property managementBen Sencenbaugh is a former NASA engineer who heads The Realty Medics, Central Florida’s #1 residential property management company. A loyal Orlando resident since buying his first rental home in 1997, Ben “puts the rocket science in renting”: applying advanced technology to make renting single-family homes a better experience for owners and tenants, and making Central Florida a great place to live because it’s a great place to rent.


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