Renting a Home in Orlando


Those looking to find homes to rent in Orlando, Florida, know that it’s a city full of opportunities in this domain. Orlando is family-friendly and has premier dining and shopping options. There are many things to do for entertainment, including theme parks and other attractions. As a bonus, the beach is less than an hour away. Whether you are a young single adult or bringing your entire family to the area, Orlando is the perfect place to call home.

Due to the popularity of Orlando as a vacation destination, there are long-term and short-term rentals to look through. These two options each have their advantages and will suit the needs of those looking to settle down in the area or visit for a trip to remember forever. Whether you’re staying for a week or years, this city has houses for rent Orlando visitors will fall in love with.

How to Find a Home to Rent in Orlando 

There are several different avenues to take when exploring the option of renting a home in Orlando, Florida. This access to consumer choice works out in favor of the renter because they have multiple options and can choose the one they are most comfortable with. Different options come with varied benefits and risks. Therefore, you should evaluate all options before making any decisions.

First on your priority list as a future renter is to consider what features are necessary for you and the other residents who will live in the home. These considerations should include the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, community amenities such as a pool or gym, whether you want a house or an apartment, and privacy. Orlando has it all, so don’t be afraid to dream big.

If you are a solo renter, this process will be easy because you only have to consult yourself on what you want in your new home. If you are cohabitating with your family or others, you may want to consider the desires of the entire group. 

If you or others in the home own pets, this is vital to consider when looking at rentals. Many rentals are not pet-friendly or have pet restrictions. If you find a rental that is pet-friendly, you may need to pay an additional charge to keep them in your home. This fee is commonly called “pet rent.”

Renting Through a Rental Company

Rental companies are the most common option when seeking a rental property. When you rent through a rental company, you will be assisted through the rental process by professionals in the real estate business. These professionals have the knowledge and experience to find what you want. 

Many potential renters feel safest when renting through a rental company because of the responsibility the company takes for your renting experience as professionals in the industry. They will know all the legal information and be able to answer your questions quickly and efficiently. Rental companies are also notoriously easier to contact when compared to homeowners or third-party platforms because they have a business phone number and are local to the area.

If you’re looking for a rental company in Orlando, Florida, check local newspapers, realty magazines, and online by using search terms such as “rental companies in Orlando, Florida.” Social media platforms, such as Facebook, often have local groups where you can ask other Orlando residents about their experiences with various rental companies. Word of mouth is always the most reliable review.

Home Rentals by Owner

Another option is to look for houses for rent in Orlando by owner. Homeowners often rent their properties on their own. This avenue of renting tends to be the most affordable and is a practical option for those desiring a long-term housing solution. 

Owners are hit-or-miss when it comes to being knowledgeable about their properties. Sometimes, they know every detail of the home and are a great resource to ask questions regarding its history or construction. Other times, they may be as clueless as you are about the property they own.

Renters will typically have a closer relationship with landlords than with a rental company because landlords often have fewer properties to handle at once and are often invested in the property itself. Repairs may take shorter amounts of time, requests will be resolved more quickly, and the relationship is closer than when working with a company.

However, renting from an owner directly also has its drawbacks because they may not be as knowledgeable about the logistics of renting if they are inexperienced. You may need to seek legal counsel if they are unaware of renting practices and attempt to implement fees or unethical rules. Remember that this is a rare event but can still happen.

Renting a Home Through a Third-Party Platform

Third-party platforms for rental properties have been skyrocketing in popularity over the past decade. These third-party platforms include resources such as Airbnb. Long-term rental properties are on most of these platforms. However, they are primarily for short-term vacation rentals. The popularity of vacation rentals in Orlando, Florida, through platforms such as Airbnb is high due to its high number of tourists and vacationers.

Third-party platforms often offer mobile apps and other accessible ways of comparing different properties. This focus on accessibility is a significant benefit because many options can be seen in a single place. Consumers may find this simplifies the process of finding houses for rent in Orlando, Florida, that check off all their boxes. Some platforms even have filters where renters can search homes based on features such as having a pool, air conditioning, or free parking.

A negative aspect of renting through a third-party platform is that guests cannot always quickly contact someone who can help them with their rental. The third-party platform may have wait times or can only be reached by email rather than a phone number. For short-term rentals, renters have also had concerns about whether the rental spaces are clean before arrival. This concern is primarily due to the desire to decrease the risk of contagious illnesses spreading among renters.

Thankfully, these concerns have been resolved by most major platforms, such as Airbnb. A helpful way to visualize the process of using these platforms is that they operate much like hotels. Unlike a hotel, you rent from an individual through a platform rather than the business itself.

What to Look for When Renting a Home in Orlando

When looking for an Orlando, Florida, rental home, check out the reputation of who manages the home you will be renting. This advice applies to anyone, including rental companies, a landlord, or a third-party platform. Read reviews and, if possible, ask previous tenants about their experience. 

Apart from checking out who you are renting from, make sure the property is as advertised. Schedule an in-person visit to the property with the property manager before signing a lease if it is an option. This visit will give you a more thorough impression of the space than pictures or verbal descriptions.

When you’re trying to find homes to rent in Orlando, keep a list of your non-negotiables for your new rental space, and do not settle for less. If there is something you must have in your Orlando home, don’t settle for one that doesn’t have that unless necessary. You should be as comfortable as possible in your new rental so that, whether you are settling in for a weekend or years, you will be happy in your home.

Before you move in, request a walk-through with your property manager to take note of any damages that may be present before you live there. Doing this will protect you if your deposit is at risk because of home damages you did not cause.

As important as the home you will rent is the neighborhood. Your neighbors and community resources will impact your experience and quality of life. Choosing a good community is increasingly relevant if you have children who will be attending local schools and engaging in local after-school activities. 

Also, your work life may impact the community you want to live in as it may determine the length of your commute. If you work remotely from your home, checking available internet providers will also be necessary to make sure you have adequate speed. Check out additional information about the neighborhood of your prospective home here.

Arguably, the most important thing to check when looking for a home to rent is the price. Knowing your budget and the amount of money you can spend on rent is a must before starting anything else in the renting process. Especially in the Orlando area, rentals can drastically range in price from several hundred to tens of thousands of dollars a month.

Summary of Find Homes to Rent in Orlando

If you have considered making your home in Orlando, you are already on the right track to success. Orlando makes for a beautiful home for all kinds of people and has homes to fit many needs. Try not to be afraid and thoroughly look around the city and explore many options until you find your perfect fit.