Repairs: Required vs. Recommended

At The Realty Medics, we want our owners and tenants to have the most positive leasing experiences possible. Before we show a property to a potential tenant, one of our certified inspectors completes a thorough assessment of the home. After analyzing a rental property, the owner will receive a full report. The report may include a list of potential maintenance items or repairs. That list can also include both required repairs and potentially a few recommended updates or upgrades to existing items.

What Are Required Repairs?

When an inspector reviews a rental home, they confirm the entire property meets or exceeds all government ordinances for livability. These include guidelines from the Department for Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Florida Landlord and Tenant Statutes, and any local requirements. 

The inspector looks for compliance of all applicable building, housing, and health codes. Owners can expect assessments of plumbing, roofing, windows, floors, foundations, and exterior walls. Security measures, which may include:

  • Adequate locks on external doors
  • Proper garbage disposal facilities
  • Clear common areas outside

All of which are also requirements. Finally, the inspector will look for any evidence of insect or rodent infestation.

What Are Recommended Upgrades? 

Beyond the basic requirements for providing a safe, clean, and healthy living environment for future tenants, The Realty Medics will also provide a list of recommended maintenance or upgrades. While not required by law, we’ll suggest improvements that enhance the rentability of a property, boost rent rate potentials, and can minimize vacancy time. Through multi-faceted analyses, we’ve found that by marketing the highest quality rental properties, we attract the highest quality tenants.

Of course, landlords may need to prioritize which improvements make the most financial sense. We provide guidance to owners on what upgrades will provide maximum return on your investment properties, based on comparable properties and rental markets in a particular area. 

What Makes The Realty Medics Different?

Through the use of proprietary technology, we dedicate ourselves to creating a smooth renting experience for both the owner and tenant. That’s why The Realty Medics are the highest-rated rental management company in central Florida.

Owners know the exact condition of their property upon tenant move-in date and can prepare for any future repairs or suggested upgrades. By ensuring the most leasable rental properties, we minimize maintenance requests and complaints while maximizing resident retention and satisfaction. We call this the “Property Management Peace of Mind.”

As a one-stop shop, we offer inspection and repair services in addition to home advertising, tenant screening, and rent collection. Our staff are “property management first responders” equipped to handle every possible issue. We minimize inconvenience to both owner and tenant with efficient processes to handle all requests. 

When tenants do have emerging issues, they submit their repair requests online. The dedicated property manager will enter the request into our workflow system. After assessment of the situation, and with the help of expert contractor advice, our staff will provide recommendations to owners. Owners then have the option of hiring their own contractors or leveraging our contracted vendors for a streamlined process. 

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