Setting the Right Rent is (Almost) Rocket Science

We don’t like to brag—okay, maybe we do a little bit—but the president of The Realty Medics is a real rocket scientist. Many of you already know that President Ben Sencenbaugh actually worked as a former space shuttle engineer for NASA. But did you know property owners who have agreements with his rental and property management company benefit from his smarts, too? Because, as it turns out, even just setting the right rent is (almost) rocket science these days. 

Cutting-Edge Technology 

No longer a simple mom-and-pop operation, successful property management requires scientific precision. So, our president created proprietary tools that zero in on the ideal rent rates for all the investment properties we manage.  

For starters, our team will do a thorough market analysis as part of our rent assessment. And we take the following factors into consideration: 

  • Location
  • Home amenities
  • Neighborhood character
  • Comparable rates in the area 

By taking the guesswork out of setting rates, we get you to your sweet spot for rent. We recommend target rates that will attract quality tenants while keeping you competitive with other rental homes. We’ll also suggest upgrades where you can “level up” in the market and make your real estate investment stand out, allowing you to maximize on all your returns!

After lease signings, we provide effective rental management solutions, including portals that use software developed to make transactions easier for owners and tenants alike.

  • Benefits to Tenants: Your current and potential renters can streamline applications, make payments on current properties, and submit requests for maintenance through the renter portal. 
  • Benefits to Owners: You can use the AppFolio Owner Portal to access monthly statements, annual reports, and IRS-compliant documentation for all your investment properties

Rocket Fast Placement

Our program has successfully placed tenants in more than 1,100 homes throughout Central Florida. As an owner, you want to rent out your property quickly, so it can make you money fast. That’s one place where it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out. Our goal is to place the right tenants in your rental home, townhome, or apartment quickly. This offers you what we call “property management peace of mind.”

Through cutting-edge business practices, The Realty Medics have signed leases, on average, after only 14 days on the market. This includes time to complete the necessary tenant screening to ensure quality applicants. These results can only happen when you have the very best technology to support them.

The Realty Medics Guarantee

Graphic icon of The Realty Medics Guarantee

Our resident rocket scientist created outstanding systems for filling properties quickly, so we offer assurances that no one else can. The Realty Medics guarantee quality renters for your property within two weeks. We also guarantee those same renters for six months. 

But comprehensive property management entails far more than recommending rent rates or screening and placing renters in rental homes. Our team covers the full range of rental and property management services. This includes conducting inspections, collecting rent, scheduling maintenance requests, and overseeing accounting and reporting. We confidently stand by the services our team provides. 

In fact, we guarantee your satisfaction in the first 90 days, or we’ll refund your money.

Looking to Sell Your Home or Rent Your Property?

Is your current property management professional a rocket scientist? Curious how our systems can help maximize your rental income and provide you with exciting real estate opportunities? Call us at 321-218-4753 to talk with one of our incredible staff members today. Or fill out our online form for a free rental analysis.