Take Advantage of Our Resident Benefits Package


Resident Benefits Package

Did you know that only a little more than half of American tenants have renter’s insurance? While they may not own the property itself, they still have belongings that need replacing in an unfortunate event. Whenever tenants sign a new lease with us, we always recommend they take advantage of our Resident Benefits Package (RBP). A tenant of ours recently learned the value of the RBP and why we suggest everyone elect to have it. 

A Different Reason for Giving Thanks

The tenant’s rental home caught on fire in the middle of the night ahead of Thanksgiving morning. All three tenants inside made it out safely. After calling 911 to get emergency responders to the property, they contacted our emergency maintenance line to share the situation.

One of our maintenance coordinators ensured everyone was okay and safe, then immediately got to work handling the recovery process. Despite the holiday, our team had a vendor on site to fully assess the situation that weekend. By Monday, the property owner had a full report from them, including estimates for repairs. 

Sadly, though, the house was damaged beyond habitability, leaving the tenants without a place to live. As part of the RBP renter’s insurance, they received top-notch assistance in filing their claim. And we returned their full security deposit immediately to help with moving expenses while they waited for their insurance. 

Meanwhile, the leasing team helped them look for any homes available for them to move to. Unfortunately, we didn’t have any comparable properties available for them to move into right away. However, our team stayed in contact with the tenants to assist them in finding a new home outside our company. 

No one wants to think about facing an emergency like this. But we offer this service to take care of our tenants if it does happen. These tenants were certainly grateful they opted into RBP! 

More than Just Renters Insurance 

Although our RBP touts excellent renters insurance and an online tenant portal, it does so much more than that:

  • Utilities Concierge
    With the RBP service, participants can set up utilities, cable, and internet service with just one phone call. They also get access to the best promos and discount codes available. 
  • Resident Awards
    Just by paying their rent each month, participants earn cash, gift cards, and exclusive discounts through the app.
  • Home Buying Assistant
    Through RBP, participants can also get a $1,000 homebuyer credit when they’re ready to buy their own home. 
  • Credit Building
    Many places will report renter information to credit bureaus. The Realty Medics does as well; however, as part of RBP, we only report positive credit to all three bureaus.
  • No Security Deposit Option
    If approved, a tenant won’t need an upfront cash deposit when they sign their lease. 

If you’re looking to rent a new home, check out our Getting Started page to learn more. You can also call us at 321-274-9875 or Contact Us using our online form.