Investment Property Tax Benefits

Investment Property Tax Benefits

An arrangement of a house, key, stacked coins, calculator, and math blocks on a wooden table, symbolizing the potential for investment property tax benefits through financial planning and strategic management

When tax time rolls around, many new rental property investors worry about tax implications. What can they write off as business expenses? Will they end up owing more than they estimated? We have great news! Your investment property tax benefits can outweigh your tax liabilities when you file your returns.  *Disclaimer: we are not tax … Read more

Does the Investment Property Deal Make Sense? What to Look for Before Purchasing

A house with white walls, a light brown roof, a concrete walkway, and a 'For Sale' sign on a grassy lawn – an attractive investment property deal.

When you decide to add rental properties to your portfolio, how do you know if it’s a solid investment? It doesn’t matter whether you’re new to real estate investing, or a seasoned owner. Before pulling the trigger on any rental home purchase, smart investors ask themselves: Do the numbers for the investment property deal make … Read more

How to Buy Your First Investment Property

A miniature house model is being handed to someone else in an outdoor landscape. The house model is painted blue with two windows painted yellow decorated with purple flowers. There is also an overhead heart-shaped window on the model. This image symbolizes the joy of buying your first investment property.

Owning rental property is often hailed as an important part of a diversified investment portfolio; however, many don’t think becoming a landlord makes you an investor. But it does! If you’re just starting out, you may be unsure how to buy your first investment property in the Orlando area. Did you know a property manager … Read more