How to Prepare for a Hurricane 

How to Prepare for a Hurricane 

View of a beach during a hurricane. Rough beach waves and blowing palm trees.

Storm Watches vs. Storm Warnings Anytime severe weather is predicted, stay tuned into Orlando or local media channels for developments. Have plans in place for times when conditions deteriorate. Your safety is the most important consideration. Know the difference between a hurricane watch and a hurricane warning. A hurricane watch means hurricane conditions (sustained winds … Read more

Essential Orlando Tenant Rights and Landlord Responsibilities: A Guide for Rental Properties

Hands exchange keys in a gesture of landlord-tenant agreement, symbolizing fulfillment of Orlando tenant rights.

When a tenant moves into a rental property in Central Florida, they have certain rights, and landlords have certain responsibilities. Below, we list a few of the essential Orlando tenant rights and the corresponding responsibilities of landlords in Central Florida.  Orlando Tenant Rights By agreeing to pay rent and signing a lease, tenants have legal … Read more

Understanding the Importance of Your Orlando Renters Insurance for Ultimate Security

Only the hands are shown, with the property manager in a suit hands over Orlando Renters Insurance and pen to the tenant

Did you know that most tenants don’t get renters insurance? This is a big mistake! If you rent, understanding the importance of your Orlando renters insurance could help save you thousands of dollars in the event of an emergency. Owner’s Insurance Many tenants mistakenly believe that the owner’s insurance will pay to replace their belongings. … Read more

Understanding Your Orlando Lease Agreement

In a grey office, two individuals in black and grey suits stand around a white desk emphasizing only their hands. On the desk, a miniature house model, keys, a magnifying glass, and an Orlando lease agreement are featured, with one person pointing and the other signing.

Whether you just signed your lease or have rented the same place for a while, you should know what your lease says. Nothing is more important than reading everything in your lease. If you have trouble understanding your Orlando lease agreement, contact your property manager. Bear in mind that an attorney has reviewed and approved … Read more

What Happens When You Submit a Maintenance Request

A selection of essential tools, including an orange safety helmet, saw, trowel, nails, hammer, wrench, screw, safety goggles, and a red clamp, thoughtfully organized on a sturdy wooden table—a perfect setup for handling a tenant maintenance request.

When your toilet won’t stop running, the kitchen light burns out, or garbage disposal gets stuck, what should you do? As a renter, you have the benefit of submitting requests for repairs and maintenance work. So what happens when you submit a maintenance request?  Submit All Maintenance Requests in the Tenant Portal While you can … Read more

New to Central Florida? Visit These Beaches

central Florida beach during the daytime

Living in Central Florida almost feels like cheating at life. You enjoy endless summer, a laid-back atmosphere, and the most beautiful beaches in the world (our humble opinion, of course). The Orlando area lets you easily access the clear calm waters of the Gulf of Mexico or the rad waves of the Atlantic Ocean. If … Read more