Are You A Tenant Wanting To Purchase A Home in Central Florida?

Tenants purchasing homes in Central Florida in 2019 should call us as soon as possible so we can strategize!

If you use us as your realtor, we can provide up to $1,000 buyer credit when you close on your new home!

Moving can be an exciting and a stressful time – we understand and are here to help you. By planning ahead and working together, we are confident that we can help you make as smooth a move as possible.

Thank you! We look forward to helping you with all of your leasing and home buying needs in 2019!

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Things You Need to Know If You’re Planning to Buy a House

Buying a home is so exciting. However, we often find that our tenants do not thoroughly understand their current leases’ notice provisions and end of lease obligations. This can cause some confusion and frustration, so before you move forward buying a home, please call us first.

Here are a few things to think about if you are a tenant thinking about buying a home:

We Can Help You Buy a New Home in the Orlando and Central Florida Area.

The Realty Medics can help you buy your new home? By coordinating all of your real estate needs under one roof, we can help you review your current lease provisions, handle communication with your landlord, negotiate your new home purchase and try to align all of these dates and tasks as much as possible so that you have a smooth and seamless move out and move in.

We know your lease provisions (we drafted them!); we know your landlords and their expectations and we know the Orlando real estate market (15 years in the business and counting). Let us help you!

As a Tenant, You Must Follow the Breaking Your Leases ADDENDUM

If you are still in the initial term of your lease, your breaking the lease fee and notices are listed in the lease addendum’s.

If you are in the month to month phase (after your initial term expires), we may be able to help sooner.

Please read these provisions before you get into a purchase contract or a new lease agreement. By knowing your lease, this will reduce a lot of stress later.

Give us a call if you are unsure; let’s review together to prevent any misunderstandings.

Tenants Also Have “End of Lease” Obligations

Once again, look to your Lease Agreement. You will see an end of lease section that discusses professionally steam cleaning carpets, professionally cleaning the home, turning the home back to its original state, turning over all keys, and more.

You are responsible for maintenance and utilities through the end of the lease term, even if you move out early. Utilities must remain on in the home in your name through the last date on the lease.

If you are leaving the property vacant for a long time, be sure to notify your property manager and, perhaps, a neighbor so that they can look out for the property in your absence.

It is Not Too Early to Call Your Property Management Company!

So, if you are a tenant who’s thinking about buying a home, call us as soon as you know of your plans or desire to move!

The more time you give us, the better we can strategize so that we meet your needs and your landlord’s needs. We can refer you to excellent lenders, can help you find a new home and help the landlord find a substitute tenant. We can help all parties get on the same page. The more time you give us, the better.

Not Sure if You Can Afford a Mortgage?

Use our Mortgage Calculator on the right to find out. Your interest rate is affected by the amortization period, or the length of your loan.

If you need any help interpreting the numbers, or would like to learn more about preparing to purchase a home, reach out to The Realty Medics Team by clicking the button below.

Mortgage Calculator

“We purchased a rental in Orlando, FL about a year ago and went with the Realty Medics right away. We live on the West Coast. The Realty Medics are amazing, awesome, and thorough. We have no worries. The communication is top notch. The Owner Portal is complete. We know our rental will be well taken care of and well maintained. And that the tenants will be too. KUDOS!!!

Gail M.

Areas We Serve in Florida

We’re happy to serve many of the surrounding areas here in Central Florida. Below are the current cities and locations that we operate in. If you don’t see your area listed, don’t hesitate to reach out to us and we’ll see if we can work together.


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What Our Clients Say

Check out this 5 star Google My Business review by Anthea Green:
I have been in contact with The Realty Medics since April 2018 and finally got a tenant January 2019. Trust me, the delay was all on my end! TRM kept in touch with me the entire time, asking for updates on the status of my roof repair (as you can imagine, there was an extremely long waiting period for my roof to be replaced in Volusia County) and were very patient with me. Then within a few weeks of my husband and I getting the unit painted, new carpet installed and various other projects the property management company brought to our attention, we got a tenant! I was so pleased! Within a few days of the tenant moving in, the oven died. The Realty Medics informed us immediately, which gave us time to shop for a new appliance. Then when the delivery date came they contacted the tenant and arranged for her to take lunch to meet the installer. Everything was wonderful! I am always amazed at how quickly they respond to my (many) emails. I really appreciate their consistent professionalism and kindness. It is a pleasure to be able to let go of the day-to-day operations of renting a property and let the professional take over! I highly recommend everyone I've worked with - from Dustin, Kayla, Lisa and Paola! They have all been WONDERFUL! Thank you, everyone!
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The Realty Medics
Check out this 5 star Google My Business review by Surojnie Persaud:
I am very happy with the outstanding and professional service that Reality Medics had offered to me, it was smooth going and I do not have any issues. Delia, my property manager is very professional and handled all transactions with us very effectively and I truly believe, I will be using this company for future transactions. I do recommend Reality Medics to anyone that needs property management, Reality Medics is the way to go,. Excellent service..
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The Realty Medics
Check out this 5 star Google My Business review by Scott Hiser:
The Realty Medics have been fantastic every step of the way while planning a 900 mile move across the country. From the initial inquiry of a property to the singing of a lease, all questions and emails were replied quickly and has helped make the big move relatively stress free. Jessica has been great to work with!
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The Realty Medics
Check out this 5 star Google My Business review by Devin Woodward: Great experience renting our property out through the Realty Medics. Jason has made the process very easy, answered all of our questions quickly and assuringly addressed our concerns about the process. See the review on Google My Business by clicking the link below.
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Check out this 5 star Yelp review by Steven P.: Excellent property management, great customer service and care. Attention to follow up and proper maintenance awareness program. Very helpful and very... See the review on Yelp by clicking the link below.

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