Property Protection Programs

Comprehensive Protection Program

Our best value and most popular selection

This program includes all 3 programs:

  • Eviction Protection
  • Rent Loss
  • Property Damage Protection

$57 monthly fee per unit

Eviction Protection Program

Covers almost all legal costs related to an eviction:

  • Legal Fees
  • Court Filing Fees
  • Process Fees
  • Execution of Writ of Restitution
  • Scheduling of Sheriff’s Dept.
  • Overseeing Eviction on the day the writ of possession is enforced
  • Can save up to $700 per eviction
  • Protect your cash-flow

$15 monthly fee per unit

Rent Loss Protection Program

Guarantees you will receive rent each month.  If the tenant does not pay by the 19th of the month, we will ensure you are paid on the 21st of the month:

  • Covers up to 30 days of rent
  • Ensure you are receiving consistent cash-flow for late & non-paying tenants
  • Great for investors who want to ensure consistent rental income
  • Covers loss of rental income due to non-paying tenants

$20 monthly fee per unit

Property Protection Program

The Realty Medics covers up to $2500 for the direct cost of property damage caused by tenant above the security deposit:

  • Ensure you will not come out of pocket when a tenant destroys a home
  • Perfect for investors who want to insure their risk even more

$30 monthly fee per unit

Don’t miss the opportunity to take advantage of the cost savings and peace of mind our Protection Programs have to offer! In the last year, we have paid nearly $20,000 to ensure that our owners were covered from life’s unexpected events. What are you waiting for… jump on board, and get your investment protected today!

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