Daytona Beach – A Hidden Gem in Central Florida for Property Investors

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If you envision bathing suits, sand, seagulls, and the ocean when you think of Daytona Beach, you aren’t alone.

For a long time, Daytona has been the home of Spring Break, race cars, and a place where people can lay out and work on their tans. However, Daytona is a lot more than just a place to visit on vacation; it is also a great place to live.

According to a new national report, next year the “Deltona-Daytona Beach-Ormond Beach” area will be the third “hottest” housing market in the country. Sales of single-family homes are expected to increase 5.5%, while at the same time the median sales of homes are expected to increase 6%.

The cost of living in Daytona is also a lot less than the bigger cities like Orlando and Jacksonville. Many of the close, surrounding areas of Daytona Beach offer different economic levels, making this area a great place for anyone to invest.

Daytona Beach Attractions and Activities

Of course, living in Daytona Beach can be extra enticing to the avid fisherman and boater, but others who don’t share those same hobbies can definitely find themselves at home there. Some of the things that make it such a popular spot for vacationers are the same things that make it an incredible place to call home.

One of the great things about living in Florida is all of the amazing things you can do outside. Nothing is better than enjoying the warm sunshine was participating in hobbies you love. Golfing, shopping, and eating are all great pastimes that can be enjoyed in the perfect weather. There are plenty of museums, markets, theaters, and colleges that help label Daytona as a well-rounded metro area.

Another great aspect of Daytona Beach is that those that live around here have an easy access to other bustling towns. It is right in the middle of two giant metropolitan areas: Orlando and Jacksonville. Living in Daytona gives you the option of taking a day trip to the theme parks and big cities, but you also get to go home to a quieter town at the end of the day. In addition, Ponce Inlet, Holly Hill, Port Orange, and Ormond beach are all just a quick drive away. Each of these cities holds their own little gems that make the overall area extremely enticing.

This coastal town is often considered a melting pot due to its eclectic mix of locals and visitors alike. Each year bikers, race car enthusiasts, and beach goes coexist in a place that offers so much. Top-shelf restaurants and fancy spas mix well with the gastropubs and cafes. Daytona Beach is a Florida staple for tourists in the summer, but it can certainly be an amazing place to live year-round.

Property Management and Home Sales

If Daytona Beach sounds like the perfect property investment gem for you, we’re more than happy to help. We are a full service licensed Real Estate Firm and an experienced property management company. We’ve recently expanded into Daytona Beach and now offer property management services there, we’re happy to provide any assistance you need.



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