Orlando Move-In Checklists: Why They’re Essential to Complete

You have a lot to do when you move into a new place. Completing a property move-in checklist, especially your Orlando Move-In Checklists, probably just feels like unnecessary busy work. And a lot of tenants just don’t do them or do any documentation of move-in conditions. However, we require all our tenants to complete a property move-in checklist. And with good reason: it protects both you as the tenant and the owner.

Your Security Deposit

At The Realty Medics, we have specific standards that owners of Orlando rental homes must meet before we’ll list them. Still, nothing is perfect, and every home is likely to have a few blemishes. 

Did you know that around 24% of rental tenants felt that their landlord unjustifiably rejected returning their deposit? Don’t be one of those 24%. Surprisingly, 25% of landlords actually admitted that they did unfairly hold back a deposit. Not cool. Also, not at The Realty Medics. 

Despite what some may think, we don’t want to have to make deductions from your security deposit to cover issues. But if you don’t document or tell us about problems that were there when you moved in, we have no way of knowing you didn’t cause them. 

You can help yourself by documenting any conditions you find that could prevent security deposit deductions when you move out. We recommend taking photos to accompany your property condition report to cover your bases. 

Happy Owner/Happy Tenant

What does your lease say that are your obligations? Read it. Are you to shampoo carpets, clean up after pets, or take other measures? If so, do it. If you have any questions or concerns, raise them before you hand over the keys to the property manager. 

A clean, well-maintained property at move-out means a faster unit turn and a happy owner. It also means a happy tenant because they get all of their security deposit back. At The Realty Medics, our goal is always to have happy tenants. By following the move-out guidelines for leaving their rental home in good shape, tenants can receive their deposit upon move-out.  

Tenants who leave trash, broken items, dirty carpets, and junk behind don’t really have an argument if their deposit is not returned. These neglected acts cost the landlord or owner additional time and fees. While “wear and tear” is a subjective definition, minor damage could be from abuse and not actually wear and tear. 

Do your best to take care of the property you’re renting. If there are maintenance issues throughout your lease term, use the tenant portal to report it and request service as soon as it happens. This typically ensures you receive your deposit back and solidifies a great relationship.   

All this starts by completing the move-in report and ends with a move-out report.

Ready to Move In? 

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