Essential Orlando Tenant Rights and Landlord Responsibilities: A Guide for Rental Properties

When a tenant moves into a rental property in Central Florida, they have certain rights, and landlords have certain responsibilities. Below, we list a few of the essential Orlando tenant rights and the corresponding responsibilities of landlords in Central Florida. 

Orlando Tenant Rights

By agreeing to pay rent and signing a lease, tenants have legal rights that landlords must abide by. It’s important for tenants to understand these rights.


Tenants have the right to private and peaceful possession of the property. Landlords cannot enter the rental without the tenant’s permission, except in emergencies. 


Every tenant should feel safe in their rental home. Many tenants and landlords may not realize this, but tenants have the right to change locks or install security cameras. The catch: tenants must damage the property and provide copies of the new keys to the landlord. 

Protection Against Unfair Evictions

Tenants cannot be evicted from their rental home unless the landlord follows the proper legal process. In addition, tenants are protected from landlords attempting to take matters into their hands: self-help evictions are illegal in Florida.  

Unfair Security Deposit Deductions

After a tenant leaves a rental home, the landlord has 30 days to provide a written explanation if they intend to deduct some or all of the security deposit. Tenants then have 15 days from receipt of the explanation to object to these deductions in writing. 

Withhold Rent from Landlord

Tenants have the right to withhold rent in cases of severe circumstances caused by the landlord’s neglect. But, it’s important to note that withheld rent funds must be held by the courts.

Landlord Responsibilities 

In addition to respecting tenant rights, landlords have responsibilities to provide a safe living environment and interact appropriately with tenants.

Rental Habitability

Landlords are legally required to provide a habitable dwelling that complies with all applicable local health, building, and safety codes. This includes ensuring working smoke detectors. 

The rental must be structurally sound and have reasonable security, including working and locking doors and windows. All plumbing, hot water, and heating must be in working order. Finally, the property must be free of pests. 

Security Deposits

If a landlord requires the tenant to pay a security deposit, they must preserve the deposit during the lease period. Once the tenant vacates the property, the landlord has 15 days to return the deposit. The landlord must give a written explanation to the tenant within 30 days if some or all the security deposit will not be returned

Property Management

An Orlando property management company can ensure that tenant rights are upheld during their lease and that the owner covers their responsibilities. 

Working with top-rated Central Florida property managers ensures legal protection for both parties. Check out our available properties for rent if you’re looking for a new home, or visit our property management services page if you’re looking for someone to manage your investment property.