New Smyrna Beach – A hidden gem in Central Florida for Property Investors

Panoramaic view of New Smyrna beach with Ponce Lighthouse and lifeguard station in the background and the inlet from the rock jetty walkway.

Located just 15 miles from the infamous spring break spot of Daytona Beach, sits a little beach town called New Smyrna Beach.

While lesser known and not as popular as the Daytona area, New Smyrna Beach is an amazing place to vacation and an even better place to live.

New Smyrna offers just as many perks as Daytona Beach but is a better fit for those who prefer smaller crowds and less congestion. A lot of people choose to invest in property here because of its gorgeous scenery, laid-back-living, delicious restaurants and always exciting nightlife.

New Smyrna Beach Attractions and Activities

New Smyrna Beach is a great place for those who love being outdoors and being active. Residents and visitors alike often partake in recreational activities such as boating, fishing, sailing, golf, and hiking. The more adventurous ones can be found kitesurfing, scuba diving and surfing the giant waves. At one time, it was recognized as “one of the world’s top 20 surf towns” by National Geographic, and it is considered a surfer hot spot.

But it’s not all sports and outside activities here. New Smyrna was once named one of “America’s Top Small Cities for the Arts.” This area is home to the Atlantic Center for the Arts, which is a community of artists that live at the educational facility. The art shows feature visual and performance art and are performed at various times throughout the year.

Taking advantage of the beautiful Florida weather, residents and visitors of New Smyrna Beach can often be found at local city festivals. Each year, the city features the New Smyrna Beach Food Festival, a Cinco de Mayo party, the Shrimp and Seafood Festival, the Jazz Festival, and more. There is truly tons of fun for everyone.

Speaking of food, you can’t come to New Smyrna and not hit up any of their amazing restaurants. Not surprisingly, there are tons of restaurants that offer the freshest fish and seafood, all located with a beautiful ocean view. For those non-seafood loves, don’t worry. There is something for everyone and at every price level. Some of the most popular restaurants include The Breaker’s, J.B.’s Fishcamp, and Chase’s on the Beach, just to name a few.

While New Smyrna is known for its sunny days, white sand beaches, and beautiful surf, there are definitely still things to do when the sun goes down. The nightlife in New Smyrna is always a good time. Places such as the Crow’s Nest, the 509 Lounge, and Razzle’s are all places nearby that the locals and out-of-towners love to go.

Property Management and Home Sales

If New Smyrna Beach sounds like the potential for a good property investment, we’re more than happy to be of assistance. We are a full service licensed Real Estate Firm and an experienced property management company. We have recently expanded our services into New Smyrna Beach and offer property management services.



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