Help! My Property Isn’t Show Ready

You have a vacant property. Maybe you just bought the home with the intention to rent it out. Maybe your former tenants moved out recently. Or maybe you plan to turn your home into a rental. 

It looks a little worn down and isn’t something you’d be proud to post pictures of on a rental property search site. You don’t want it to sit there empty, but you’re also not sure what you need to do to get it ready. Avoid the stress of a new real estate investment that needs some rehab with help from The Realty Medics!

Let Us Survey the Scene

Listen, no matter how bad you think your property looks, we can assure you: we’ve seen worse. Let’s minimize your rental’s downtime and get it making money for you STAT.

We match all our homeowners with a property management technician. They oversee a thorough inspection of the rental property. From that inspection, we will create a list of recommendations to prepare the property for renting. 

As we mention in our Required vs. Recommended Repairs blog, we identify repairs required by all governmental ordinances. We won’t list a home until the property complies with all relevant requirements.

Over and above the required repairs, we will also recommend any potential upgrades to that property to increase its value. We use multi-faceted analyses to advise on improvements most sought-after by the highest quality renters. 

Through our proprietary system, we’ve identified the exact level of appropriate upgrades to maximize an owner’s return on investment. Only our team of property management professionals can say we have an in-house rocket scientist creating these algorithms. Our system calibrates the perfect balance of in-demand upgrades that translate into the highest rent rate potentials for our owners. 

While we’d never talk someone out of their wishes, we can advise when they may reach a point of diminishing returns.  

Let Us Do the Work

You have your list. You know what you need to do, and we’ve discussed the pros and cons of additional potential upgrades. Now what? You have a full range of options.  

As a leading rental and property management company, The Realty Medics have strong working relationships with a variety of contractors throughout Central Florida. As our client, you can take advantage of our negotiated prices with these licensed professionals in your area. 

If you’d like, you can work with them directly or your property manager can take care of all the details for you. Of course, you have the option to use your own contractors, as well. The choice is always yours.

Let Us Take This Show on the Road

You’ve done the work. The place looks beautiful! Now it’s time to let people know about this real estate investment. The Realty Medics can help here, too! We use professional-grade photography to accurately depict your rental property, highlighting those details most desirable to area renters. Then our property listing poets eloquently describe the home, using top keywords potential renters use in rental property search sites.  

Next, we go back to our rocket science roots, engineering a vast net to cast out in search of renters. Our comprehensive advertising plan utilizes both online avenues and traditional platforms to reach all possible tenants. 

Next, using in-house and external agents in addition to self-showing technology, we gather as many applicants as possible. 

From there, our tenant screening technology kicks in to find you only the most qualified candidates for your consideration. We call this property management peace of mind at its technological finest.

 Find Professional Property Management Near You

We can help get your rental property making you money fast with the track record to prove it. In fact, we guarantee it! Interested in learning more? Contact us today at (321) 218-4753 or complete our rent analysis form to get started today.