Rehab Your Rental without Stress

Congratulations! You’ve just bought a new piece of real estate investment. You know there’s some serious work you’ll need to do before renting it out; the home was a serious bargain. 

You might not even know everything that needs rehabbing yet. But just the thought of having to go through multiple contractor headaches is starting to stress you out. Relax! The property management professionals at The Realty Medics can help rehab your rental without stress!

About Our Investment Property Management Services 

We work with a variety of contractors to cover any home rehab project in all the areas we serve. As experts in maximizing return on property investments for rentals, we’re the premier property management company in central Florida. 

We have agreements with licensed and insured:

  • General contractors
  • Electricians
  • Plumbers
  • HVAC technicians
  • Handymen

All of whom work exclusively for The Realty Medics. But before anyone gets started, you need to know what the scope of the entire project will look like. That’s where home inspectors come in. 

We leverage the expertise of our home inspectors to help you make the most of your real estate investment. Our inspectors are well versed in every jurisdiction’s ordinances and what an owner needs to do to adhere to them. 

We’ll schedule an inspector to thoroughly review your new property.

Feel free to tag along with the inspector, too. Ask questions about the process or repair recommendations. Swap rental home rehab experiences. You might hear a few horror stories to put your project into proper perspective.

When the home inspector finishes, they will provide you a detailed report of your house. They will catalog immediate, near-term, and long-term required improvements. The best part? The Realty Medics will credit the fee for the inspector’s time to your renovation costs if you use our services to complete the work. 

The Benefits of Pre-Purchase Estimates

As experts in investment property repairs, we understand what will bring in the most rental income for the lowest repair price. Because of our high-volume of projects, we can offer our clients the lowest rates for improvement projects.  

We know you want your improvement dollars to stretch as far as possible, which includes appropriate estimates before getting started. That’s why our contractors will provide you estimates on costs before they buy a thing. No contractor will spend a dime or hammer one nail until you approve the estimates.

The Realty Medics Guarantee

A rental property offline for rehabilitation fails to make its owner money. Getting your rental properties ready to lease needs to happen quickly. So, we guarantee our contractors will complete the job in less than three weeks. And then, when your property is ready, we’ll advertise and market your home to get renters in ASAP. We guarantee your new property will be making you money as soon as possible.

In addition, as the highest rated investment property management company in Central Florida, our reputation matters to us. That means we make sure any job done by our contractors maintains the highest of quality standards. In fact, we guarantee their results with a one-year warranty. 

We’ll also be there for you to address ongoing maintenance and any additional upgrades as time goes on. This is all part of the Total Property Management Peace of Mind that only The Realty Medics can offer.

 Need a Property Management Professional?

If you’re interested in learning more about how The Realty Medics can help rehab your rental without stress? Call us at (321) 218-4753 or complete our contact form online to get started.