Why Being a Property Manager in Central Florida is so Unique

Boats dock, sea, tree

Being a property manager in Florida can be a busy job. Being a property manager in Central Florida can be downright crazy!

There are so many up and coming towns that make up the center of Florida, and it seems like they are always expanding!

Central Florida – More than just Orlando

Of course, Central Florida has their beaches on the coasts, and their theme parks on the south side of town, but there are so many other hidden gems in this area that you may not have even heard of.

Winter Park, Deltona, Winter Springs, Winter Garden, Lake Mary, Oviedo, and DeLand are just a few small towns that make up the central part of Florida that all stand out on their own. They all offer their own uniqueness that makes them great places for someone to settle down and live.

Historic Central Florida

Florida has a lot of history and a lot of historic towns that still boast some original architecture and landmarks. One such town is the waterfront town of Sanford, Florida. Sanford is located in Seminole County and is just a couple hours south of Daytona Beach and about 20 miles north of Orlando.

Located in between the St. John’s River and Lake Monroe, this little hidden, historical town is known as the “Historic Waterfront Gateway City.” The history of Sanford dates back to the early 1800s when Sanford was a hub for commerce on the St. John’s River.

An In-Depth Look at Unique Sanford

A recent census boasted a population of over 53,000 residents, and that will only continue to grow. Like most cities in Florida, It’s quaint and historic downtown area attracts tons of tourists to its shops, restaurants, bars, and street fairs. There are dog parks, boat launches, restaurants, bars, and pubs for days! Sanford is even home to it’s very own zoo (Central Florida Zoo), and even has its own international airport. This town is beloved by all of its locals and there never seems to be a lack of things to do.

Historic homes, brick streets, giant oak trees, and old-fashioned light posts will be sure to transport you back to the days of old. All of these aforementioned perks seem to be a pull for those looking for real estate in Central Florida.

It offers the perfect mix of history and modern touches. Sanford recently incorporated a trolley that will take visitors (and locals) all around town at a leisurely pace. This will allow you to take in all of the historic buildings and landmarks that you could easily miss while driving through. There is also a SunRail station that will take you to other local places in Central Florida.

From fixer-uppers to colonial-era mansions, Sanford has the perfect home for everyone. A lot of the historic homes have carriage houses in the back that owners often rent out of on AirBNB. There always seems to be new construction with lots of real estate options popping up in the future. This is a town for all ages; young to old. Stepping foot in this old-timey town will be sure to prove that there is more to Central Florida than just beaches and cartoon characters!

Who knows, maybe your dream home awaits! 🙂



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