Disney’s BoardWalk

Shopping, Dining, Music, and Fun at the BoardWalk

Orlando’s Disney BoardWalk is full of timeless charm and is for people of all ages. Everyone is young enough to have a taste of Disney. This quarter-mile fairy tale tourist destination has special boutiques and lively nightlife. It’s romantic to stroll along the edge of the water with a partner, a group, or just by yourself. You’ll be delighted with the night-time street performers and excited by the midway games.

The area has over 90,000 square feet of nightclubs, restaurants, and stores and surrounds the Crescent Lake. This water village is close to several Disney Resort Hotels. There’s a quarter-mile shopping, dining, and an entertainment section and everyone is happy because they are not far from the Disney theme parks.

The boardwalk is more lively and photogenic at night. In contrary to the notion that Disney is just for kids, it is perfect for adult, BFF, and romantic trips. The reflection of the water is magical. There are various types of shops, bars, restaurants, and cafes. Even if it is highly suggested to visit the area at night, people who’ll be touring the place during day time won’t regret it. Starting around mid-morning, there are delicious dining options. You can access the place even if you’re not a guest at the resort or you don’t have a day pass because it’s open to the public. There are just a few venues asking for a cover charge, and some have age policies.

Source: orlando.com/hotels.com
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Sports lovers will have a great time at the ESPN Club. It has live feeds airing the most recent games and celebrity interviews. Classic American food is served the entire day, along with a variety of beer and cocktails.

Those who love dancing will have a memorable night at the Atlantic Dance Hall. From boogies to 90’s dance hits to modern music, everyone will swing their hips. The vintage art deco ballroom is beautiful and the balcony view of the lake is serene and soothing.

For more music and fun, the Jellyrolls is a must visit. The live piano performances are legendary. Those who love sing-alongs should experience the infamous dueling exhibitions here. The musicians are talented and they’ll be glad to perform your requests.

Some of Disney’s Boardwalk dining highlights are the To-Go Cart, Pizza Window, Big River Griller & Brewing Works, Flying Fish Cafe, and the Trattoria at Forno.

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