How To Be an Attractive Tenant to Landlords in Orlando


How can I be a more attractive tenant? 

Landlords are always on the lookout for good tenants. If you want to be one of those fortunate people who get a rental in College Park, Conway, or Kirkman Springs, then learn how to be a good tenant. 

In this article, we will discuss good tenant qualities, what landlords look for, and how you can make yourself attractive to them. We’ll also provide some tips on how to be a good tenant by maintaining a good relationship with your landlord once you’ve moved in. 

You’re about to learn how to be an attractive tenant to landlords in Orlando.

Make a good first impression.

Landlords are quick to judge potential tenants and will often begin evaluating you from the first phone call you have or email you send. It’s crucial to make a good first impression. Just as you would for a job interview, prepare for any questions your landlord may ask.

Landlords want to know more about who you are as a person. 

  • Are you outgoing and friendly? 
  • Will you be respectful of the property and other tenants? 
  • How communicative will you be if there are any problems with the property? 

These are ideal tenant qualities that landlords will consider when deciding whether or not to rent to you. Show up to your first meeting on time, maintain eye contact, and be sure to dress neatly. 

Have all relevant documents ready to go.

The next step is to have all your relevant documents ready to go. These may include your ID, pay stubs, bank statements, proof of income, previous rental history, and references from previous landlords. 

If you have trouble gathering all these documents, it will reflect poorly on you as a potential tenant. Landlords want to see that you’re organized and have everything in order. 

A landlord collects this type of information while also asking you to complete a credit check and a background check. A background check looks for any criminal history, while a credit check will reveal your financial history.

Submit your application early.

The sooner you submit your application, the better. Landlords often receive multiple rental applications for a single property. Submit yours as early as possible. This shows that you’re interested and motivated to rent the property. A landlord will always favor serious applicants over anyone browsing through multiple listings.

The previous three points help you become an Orlando tenant. Performing these actions represents only the beginning of looking good for your landlord. Once you’ve signed the lease and moved in, work to maintain a good relationship.

Pay your rent on time.

It should be a no-brainer to pay rent on time. Unfortunately, it’s one of the most common problems that landlords face. If you’re late on rent, it will put your landlord in a difficult position. They may have to cover the mortgage or other bills with their own money. 

Forcing a landlord to go into financial hardship because you don’t manage your finances well is a surefire way to damage the relationship. Paying your rent on time shows that you’re responsible and that you honor your commitments. 

Landlords will appreciate this and it will go a long way in helping you to receive fair treatment if you legitimately hit a rough patch in the future.

Not only is it important to pay your rent on time, but you should also try to pay it early if possible. Here are some ideas that can help you pay your rent on time.

  • Set up automatic payments from your bank account.
  • Schedule reminders on your phone or calendar.
  • Pay in cash so you don’t have to worry about late fees.

Treat the property respectfully.

The property you’re renting is not your own. Treat it as if it were, however. Of course, accidents happen and things break. If something breaks in your apartment, be sure to communicate with your landlord right away. The sooner they know about the problem, the sooner they can fix it properly. 

In addition, try to keep the property clean and tidy. It will make it easier for your landlord to show the property to new tenants. If you take good care of the property, your landlord may offer you a renewal on your lease, return your security deposit, or provide other incentives.

Pay attention to all rules set up by your landlord. The regulations may include the following: 

  • No smoking
  • No pets
  • No parties
  • No drilling holes in the walls
  • No painting without permission

Follow these rules and any others set by your landlord. If you don’t, they may have the right to evict you from the property. 

Communicate with your landlord.

Honoring your lease agreement is key, but communicating with your landlord is just as important. If there are any problems with the property, don’t hesitate to tell them. They would much rather hear from you directly than find out about issues from other sources. 

For example, failing to report a small bathroom leak can lead to serious water damage. The sooner you report the problem, the less money it will cost to fix it. Your landlord will place you in high regard if you help them save money on repairs. 

Another way to help in this way is by fixing small repairs yourself. Of course, don’t go outside the parameters of your lease. However, fixing small items on your own will prevent you from becoming seen as a high-maintenance or “problem” tenant.

Honor your lease agreement.

It’s important to be upfront with your landlord about any roommates or long-term guests you may have. If they’re not on the lease, they may become labeled as unauthorized tenants. The landlord could move to evict you and the unauthorized people staying with you. 

Communicate with your landlord if you plan on having guests stay with you for an extended period. The landlord may need to update their insurance policy or make other arrangements to avoid any legal challenges. 

The same goes for pets. If they’re not authorized, the landlord can ask you to get rid of them. There’s nothing worse than hiding a pet, getting found out by your landlord, and needing to get rid of your pet or move. If you move to keep your pet, you just lost an opportunity to get an excellent landlord referral. 

Being honest and upfront with your landlord from the beginning will help prevent any misunderstandings down the road. It will also make it more likely that your landlord will work with you if an issue does come up. 

Perform tenant maintenance.

As a tenant, you must read your lease agreement carefully and understand your responsibilities. This becomes important when performing required tenant maintenance. 

Examples of tenant maintenance might include taking care of small repairs yourself or keeping the property clean and tidy.

Pay attention to any other additional maintenance requirements outlined in your lease agreement. For instance, it may say that you need to mow the lawn or shovel snow in the winter. 

Purchase renter’s insurance.

Renter’s insurance is an often overlooked but important aspect of being a tenant. Your landlord’s insurance policy covers the building, but not your personal belongings. 

If there’s a fire or another disaster, you’re responsible for replacing everything in the rental unit yourself. Many renters remain unaware of the need for this type of insurance until it’s too late. 

Renter’s insurance is relatively inexpensive and can give you peace of mind, knowing that your belongings remain protected. On average, you can expect to pay under $10 per month for a renter’s insurance policy in the Orlando area. The cost will depend on the value of your belongings and the amount of coverage you need. 

Be honest and upfront.

The most important thing you can do to maintain a healthy landlord/tenant relationship is to remain honest and upfront at all times. This starts with the process you go through to get the apartment. After that, your landlord will appreciate any attempt you make to give them a head’s up about changes in your life. 

For example, if you lose a job and will have trouble paying the upcoming rent amount, let your landlord know as soon as possible. It gives them time to figure out what they’ll do with their mortgage payment while you look for new work. 

The same goes if you’re planning on moving out at the end of your lease or sooner. Landlords need to start advertising early to fill an upcoming vacancy. 

Discuss accidental damage to the rental property. We mentioned this above, but it’s never a good idea to let damage go unrepaired. It always leads to a bad situation. If the landlord finds out that you let a small leak turn into a big problem, it will damage your working relationship. Worse, if you wait to move out before letting a landlord know about damage to the unit, you may end up with unfavorable reviews when a future landlord asks a past landlord about you.

By being honest, you’re more likely to maintain a good relationship with your landlord. In turn, they’ll typically give you a break if you have a hard time making rent for one month or need to break your lease agreement. 

Summary of how to be an attractive tenant in Orlando

To be an attractive tenant in Orlando, it is important to know what landlords look for. Landlords want tenants who will take care of their property and pay rent on time. Pay attention to maintaining a good credit score and rental history. You should collect references from past landlords and provide them to the next landlord. 

If you can show that you’re responsible and reliable, then you shouldn’t have any problems finding a place to live whenever you need it.

As you strive to understand how to be an attractive tenant to landlords in Orlando, remember that it’s a two-way street. Treat your landlord with respect. You’ll get the same treatment in return. 

Over time, you’ll stay free from the stress that comes from hiding damage or pets. You’ll also discover that your credit rating goes up, which saves you money on credit cards, car loans, and future rental payments.