Property Managers and Realtors Help Each Other


Realtors in central Florida can take advantage of a great opportunity when working with a property management company. At first blush, this may feel like an odd alliance. Don’t these roles kind of overlap? Nope. And smart property managers and realtors help each other out in a variety of ways. Rather than competing, these two very different roles complement each other depending on the needs of a particular homeowner. Read on to learn more. 

Separate but Important Roles

Realtors focus on connecting their clients to homes and usually only work with a buyer once. They constantly search out new clients and scour MLS listings for new properties for their clients. Realtors also have professional connections for appraisers, lenders, photographers, and home stagers.  

Property managers have longer term relationships with their clients that cover day-to-day operations and maintenance. They focus on matching good tenants with rental properties that they often maintain via solid relationships with quality contractors. Property managers also will know Florida state laws for tenants and landlords and tax responsibilities associated with a rental home.  

Property Managers Can Help Realtors with Reluctant Sellers

Every realtor has experienced the paradox of the homeowner who wants to sell their house and then drags their feet. Of course, there are many reasons why sellers get cold feet, but frankly they all waste a realtor’s valuable time. Meanwhile, their efforts fail to convert into commissions. And the empty house causes even more headaches and bills for the owners. 

In many of these cases, renting out the property instead of selling could solve some of the owner’s issues. Instead of creating bills for the owners, the house will now pay their bills. And when realtors refer homes to property management companies, they can receive finder’s fees for referring homeowners. Some property managers will also contract to refer the owners back to the realtor when they do want to sell.

Realtors Can Help Property Managers with Owners Who Want to Sell

At some point an investor may decide they no longer want to own a particular investment property. Again, reasons vary from needing to liquidate cash for an emergency to changing priorities in their portfolio. A property manager may not have the same connections necessary to advise a client properly.

Property managers with good working relationships with a realtor will confidently refer their clients to them who want to sell. Owners trust their property managers, so when their property manager recommends using a specific realtor, they’ll likely take that advice. Working with a realtor, the property manager can help their clients sell their investment property as efficiently as possible. This can be especially tricky if there are current tenants in the home. Good realtors and property managers will team up to help the owners navigate this and other situations. 

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