Realtor Referral & Property Management Accounts

Are You A Realtor Who Wants to Refer Owners/Tenants or Sell Property Management Accounts?
Our realtor referral fees are among the best in Orlando and the Central Florida area. The counties we serve include Orange, Seminole, Volusia, Osceola, Polk, Lake, Hillsborough, and Brevard Counties. We are also willing to purchase property management accounts from Realtors like you. Whether you have an individual property, an entire portfolio, or even a property management company to sell, The Realty Medics is willing to pay top dollar.

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Why Do Realtors Work With The Realty Medics ?

We are a full service, turnkey real estate provider. We are experts in property management, with over 900 properties in our portfolio. We also have extensive experience in home rehab services, property maintenance, residential home sales, and property inspections.

We pride ourselves on delivering amazing customer service and local market expertise. We want to have a lifetime relationship with our clients and our team will do everything necessary to maintain this. There is a reason we are the most reviewed and the highest reviewed Property Management company in our market.

We were recently awarded the Orlando Sentinel Top 100 Companies in Central Florida. We also made it to Orlando Business Journal’s “Fast 50 List” of Central Florida’s Fastest Growing Firms in 2018.

The Realty Medics is one of the most innovative and top management companies in the area. Whether you’re referring a single owner or selling an entire property management portfolio, our team will take good care of your clients and their properties.

Realtor Referring Tenants Or Owners

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    Owner or Tenant Referrals from Real Estate Agent

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Realtors! Thank you for your referrals. We really appreciate all of your business.

Please direct your client to our website to complete an application. We will respond to their application within one business day. Call our Leasing Department 407-274-9875 with any questions.

We will pay a leasing fee for any of our properties, even if they are not listed on the MLS. We will pay the below referral fees, unless the MLS shows a different fee. We request you show the property to your client.

We will pay a leasing fee:

– $150 (Monthly Rent $500-$1050)
– $250 (Monthly Rent $1051-$1500)
– $300 (Monthly Rent above $1500)

This will be paid once the tenant signs the lease and has paid the first month’s rent. We will pay the leasing fee to the agents on the 15th of the month. This check will be mailed to the Broker.

Please remember we pay $500 per door for all new properties you refer to us to manage! You are guaranteed to receive the property back when your client is ready to sell.

For Owner Referrals

We will contact the owner within a few business hours.

We pay the highest referral fees to Realtors after we receive a signed management agreement. We will pay you $500 PER DOOR!!! We will pay the Realtor referral fee after the Owner signs the management agreement and the first month of rent is received.

When your client wants to sell this property in the future, The Realty Medics will allow the referring agent to sell the property without a referral fee. Guaranteed!

Please share the these with your client or call (407) 499-8847 with any questions. We have great marketing materials you can provide to your client. Just let us know what you need and we can help.

  • New Owner Information Packages
  • Sample Inspection reports
  • Checklists for how to get your property ready
  • Free Rental home analysis
  • Step by step on what to expect from a property manager
  • and more!

Realtor Selling Property Management Accounts

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The Realty Medics is willing to purchase your Property Management Accounts. Regardless of your reasoning to sell your property management accounts, we can help and we’re willing to pay top dollar.

  • Individual Property Management Accounts
  • Entire Property Management Portfolios
  • Entire Property Management Companies

Offers will be made within 72 hours of receiving all the information needed, and we can close within 30 days of acceptance.  Offers will generally consist of a 30% to 50% down payment with the balance payable over a period of twelve to twenty-four months. The retention of key personnel (whether owners or not) is a top priority for us.

We are experts at the transition process and will ensure it will be smooth.  We are experienced with many different Property Management software systems and can easily make the transfer of data.  In addition, we have dedicated experienced team members to ensure your Owners feel confident in the transition and have someone to ask any questions.  We are invested to ensuring your accounts are transferred properly and successfully.

All communication should be directed to Ben Sencenbaugh via email at, or by phone at (407) 288-8203.   All communications and relevant information will be considered confidential by The Realty Medics staff until finalized.   We respect your right to privacy and will not divulge any details before the completion date.

Feel free to fill out the form on the right, or contact Ben directly for additional details.

The Realty Medics Guarantees

We are very proud to be the highest rated and most reviewed Property Management company in Central Florida. We guarantee results and have the lowest rates to support our results-driven philosophy.

14 Day Rental Guarantee

If we don’t rent your home in 14 days you get one month FREE management.

90 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you, the Owner, is unhappy for any reason, we will refund your management fees

12 Month Tenant Guarantee

If a tenant is removed in first 12 months, We find you a new tenant free of charge.

Pet Damage Guarantee

If a pet causes any damage to the property, We will cover this damage above the security deposit up to $1000.*

* See full details in Rental agreement